Stronger Every Year!

201508060401_0001“Of all God’s miracles large and small, the most miraculous one of all is the one I thought could never be…  God has given you to me”       

(Lyrics from “Miracle of Miracles” – Soundtrack of Fiddler on the Roof )

Twenty Two years ago today was a pivotal moment in my life.  This is the day the Mother of Five became my wife.

Since that fateful day so much has happened and so much has changed.  There is far too much to actually list here.  Let’s just say most of it for the better, some of it for the worse.  We have seen richer, poorer, sickness, health, good times, and bad times.  Through it all, the Mother of Five has stood by me (and I have done my best to stand by her).  She is my rock, my island, my reason, my strength (and weakness),my focus, and so many other things.   

Without her - I am only “me”.
With her - I am “we”.

We have now been married for 22 years.  TWENTYTWOYEARS.  As I contemplated that number, It occurred to me that the Mother of Five has now been a part of my life more than she hasn’t…  (We first met when I was twenty years old.) I know it’s cliché to say, but you will have to trust and believe me when I say that as the years have passed, each has been better than the year before.  Each year I feel as if our relationship has strengthened somehow.

I do not know how to express the gratitude I have for all she has been and all she has done for me.  I don’t think I even can.

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