Rancid Brownies and Rice Krispy Bars!

The Mother of Five was at work, #2 and #3 of 5 had their girlfriends over, and #4 of 5 was at a volleyball game so that left #5 of 5 and myself for dinner.

I let it be “daughter’s choice” night – allowing her to select where we went for dinner.  She decided upon Subway

#5 of 5 had a 6” toasted Black Forest Ham on Italian Herb and Cheese bread, with shredded cheddar cheese,  lettuce, cucumbers, pickles, ranch and Mayo.  This was washed down with a Dr. Pepper.

I had a 6” toasted oven roasted chicken on Monterrey cheddar bread, with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, heavy green pepper and light southwest chipotle.  This was washed down with a fresh brewed Fuze half and half (iced tea and lemonade)

While enjoying dinner with my daughter, I had a brilliant notion!  Let’s go home and bake cookies!!

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home, and picked up a premixed “Cheesecake Swirl” brownie mix, and the fixins for Rice Krispy Bars. 

Somewhere between dinner, and the grocery store – an “ear worm” made it’s way into my head.  I started singing it on the way home – and once we got set up for baking in the kitchen, I connected my phone to our under cabinet radio and turned it up!

IMG_6515 IMG_4334 IMG_4336

IMG_4335 IMG_6519


Once the brownies were in the oven and the Rice Krispy bars were cooling, we really got into the music!

What was the “ear worm”??    Rancid’s Ruby Soho!





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  1. Love it! What an awesome way to spend an evening with your daughter. I wimped out on my mommy/daughter evening and we made coffee cup chocolate cake which required only the microwave - no mixers and oven ;-) It was DELISH!


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