The Start of Something New (and hopefully great!)

The problem with maintaining a blog for 6+ years is that you start to run out of new and fresh ideas.  When the kids were younger there was plenty of things they did, said, and / or got into that would inspire the creativity inside me.   As the kids got older, a lot of the things they did and said had already been talked about.  Then, even a little further down the road and kids got wind that many of their antics became blog-fodder.  At this point they could (and did) voice their displeasure with my use of their lives as content – eliminating even more inspiration for “The Life of a Father of Five”.

I don’t know how, when or why I ever had the notion that as the kids got older that my life would get easier, but somewhere along the way I did.  That factoid, my dear readers, is a misnomer.  As these kids get older, it’s even more difficult to find time to dedicate to maintaining something as frivolous as a website.

It is a recipe for killing creativity.

When I do get inspired with an idea it’s pretty rare that I can take the time to begin the creative process.  When the time comes that I finally do have some time, I have lost all inspiration.  Sometimes, I have time to start a post, but never get around to finishing it, having lost interest.  I also have an “incomplete” series of posts that I am struggling (internally) with posting. 

I need / want something more.  Something a little less controversial.  Something a little more creative.  Something new, fresh, and fun!  Something to add a little “pop” to “The Life of a Father of Five”.

Recently, I was mildly inspired by a singular idea, but as I developed that idea in my mind, it began to expand.  If I do “this” post, why not do “that” post.  If I do “that” post, why not “another” post?  Ideas came to me one after the other.  In fact, the ideas came so fast, it was almost overwhelming.  The more these loosely related ideas came to mind the more I noticed the thread between them strengthened and how easy it was to “stitch” them all together!  I put the idea(s) on the back burner (see “not enough time to dedicate” above) and focused more on the concept of these posts as a series.

It’s time has come. 

I am feeling inspired again.  It is time to take that simmering pot on the back burner, move it to the front burner and start a rolling boil.  I hope to introduce to you and the world my new concept in the next few days! 

Wish me luck!    


  1. I can't wait to hear what this is all about!!! Do you remember "someone" talking recently about rule #1 being that there are no rules?
    -wink- Let your blog take a natural turn...its your baby to do whatever you want with it! This just might be a wonderful change...(although what you have done was pretty darn good!) Hope it goes well!!!


  2. Oooooooo... can't wait to see what the mind of the "Father of Five" is churning out now! On second thought, that sounds a little scary... Bwahahahaha!

    I have recently experienced a similar problem... lack of inspiration and duplicating the similar content.

    Good luck with the new direction. You have piqued my curiousity!

    1. Jeff, you could (and I would love to see) something very similar on your site... Hang tight! Won't be long!!

  3. I'm excited to see what comes from this!!! The intro totally grabbed my attention.


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