My Faith in Humanity Was Restored... Almost

Halloween and all its associated hoopla and hype had wound down.  The Mother of Five and I had taken #4 of 5 (and her friend) along with #5 of 5 on a whirlwind tour of our neighborhood, filling their pillowcases with as much Halloween treats as they could muster to carry.  About three-fourths of the way around the neighborhood #5 of 5 had her fill, so the Mother of Five and #5 of 5 took the “short cut” home while I tagged along with #4 of 5 (and her friend) as they finished off the neighborhood.

When we arrived back at our house the Mother of Five and #5 of 5 were attending the fire bowl set up in the driveway as the treat-giveaway area.  When #4 of 5 (and her friend) arrived home, they quickly ran into the house to take a look at the loot they gathered.  #5 of 5 ran inside to join them.  The Mother of Five and I sat around the fire bowl visiting and handing out treats to the now dwindling numbers of trick-or-treaters.  After 15-20 minutes, the Mother of Five headed in.  I wanted to finish my cigar, and let the fire burn itself down a little, so I remained at the bowl handing out treats.

It was getting late now, maybe 8:30 or so (late for trick-or-treating).  There were not too many more trick-or-treaters, but that was ok.  I watched as our supply of treats dwindled down.  With only 4 more treats to give out and only one group of three on the horizon, I began packing up the chairs, putting the pumpkins back to their rightful place by our doorstep, and handing that last group of three out their treats.  I then extinguished the fire in the fire bowl and was cleaning up the last of my mess when out of the corner of my eye I noticed three young children coming out of the darkness and across my yard towards me.  The first of this group?  A young lady not more than 8 or 9 years old dressed as a princess.  She was ahead of two boys who were still just crossing into my yard when this conversation took place (actual conversation – not embellished).

FOF:  “Happy Halloween!!  Bad news though, I only have one left to give out.”
Little Girl:  “Ooo!!  I want it!!  I’ll take it!!”
FOF:  “Ok, here ya go!  (putting treat in treat bag, then turning to the two boys) Sorry guys, but ladies first, right?“

Then the little girl took off running behind me.  As she reached my patio, turned to the little boys and said…

Little Girl;  “Hey (name of little boy) do you want this?  I’ll give it to you if you do!”
FOF:  “Wow!  I am so impressed!  That has to be the nicest gesture I have seen all night!”
Little Girl:  “It’s ok.  It was pretzels.  Pretzels suck anyway.”
FOF:  (silence)
Little Girls Brother:  “No way.“

Then, the three final trick-or-treaters of the night ran off to the next house.

Hopefully they got something a little less “sucky”.

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  1. HAHAHAHA, this story is hilarious. Kids these days, I tell ya!!!


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