A FOF Definition - Trifecta Friday

Trifecta Friday - It’s a term I use once every six weeks.
Some of my readers are co-workers (or former co-workers) and know exactly what a Trifecta Friday is.  Others have had it explained to them, and still others may not know what a Trifecta Friday whatsoever.  Today (and I am not sure why it did not occur to me to do this years ago) I’ll officially define the term “Trifecta Friday” and how it came to be.
Let’s start with the word “Trifecta” itself.  Trifecta is (according to Wikipedia)…
In horse racing terminology, a trifecta is a pari-mutuel bet in which the better must predict which horses will finish first, second, and third in exact order…   …It is also used in sports to describe scoring three points at one time, or succeeding at anything three times in three consecutive attempts, such as in cricket.
Well, since I’ve never once played the ponies, and am anything but a sports enthusiast - you may be wondering where would I get such a term added to my vocabulary?
Once I graduated High School and was awaiting my term in SKILLS (police academy) to begin, I took a second job working security at a horse racetrack.  I started off working the first half of the season in the grandstand during race days and times, and later moved to work the backside where the barns housed the horses and living quarters of the trainers and horsemen.   It was during my time working at the Racetrack that I picked up on a few terms I have never heard (or used) before.  Examples include the aforementioned “Trifecta”, and another new one - “Stoolstepping” (WARNING:  Don’t google the latter term while you are at work).

The second term is Friday.  Friday is (according to Wikipedia)…
Friday is the last day of a five-day working week, and is viewed as a cause for celebration or relief (leading to the phrase "TGIF", for "Thank God/Goodness It's Friday").
My current work schedule operates on a foundation of a rotating shift.  The number of hours-per-day, days-per-week, day off pattern, and day off rotation can very significantly.  The shift I prefer to work is an eight hour day, 7-day-on, 3-day-off, 7-day-on, 4-day-off pattern.  The three days off always fall on Wed-Thurs-Fri and the four days off always fall on Sat-Sun-Mon-Tues.  It sounds more confusing that it really is.
Many of you have also seen or heard me say “It’s my Friday” on various days of the week.  Well, in my current shift selection – my “Fridays” currently fall on Tuesday, or Friday. 
Because my work schedule is on a three week rotation (meaning it starts over ever three weeks) I get MY Friday on a CALANDER Friday once every three weeks.  When it is my Friday on a calendar Friday it is followed with a four day weekend!
Every other “Friday on a Friday” is also payday Friday.  With a three week rotation - every other “Friday on a Friday” equates to once every six weeks.

Now, let’s put this all together.  Picture, if you will, a scene fading to FOF standing at what appears to be a crowded betting window at a race track (as unlikely as that sounds).  From some unknown corner of the room, a loud “Race Announcers voice” booms over a tinny sounding bullhorn.
AAAAND, as they cross the finish line -  
It’s FOF’s Friday in THIRD place by a length! 
It’s FOF’s Friday on a calendar Friday in SECOND place by a neck!
And it’s FOF’s Friday on a calendar Friday and it’s payday Friday in FIRST PLACE by a nose!
FOF looks down at his betting ticket in disbelief, and quickly proclaims…
I bet on my Friday, on a calendar Friday and payday Friday!!



  1. Don't spend your "winnings" all in one place!

    I literally had to pull out a calender (I'm a "visual" thinker) and count all that out to follow this post... but I got it.


  2. I refused to use that many math like skillz on a Saturday, but being a good student, I will believe what you say.

    Can I borrow a pencil?

  3. Haha, this was the most confusing yet entertaining post ever. I love solving word problems and love reading your blog and dang it, I can't think of another love to get my own trifecta going. Guess I'll settle on congratulating you on yours, lol.


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