A Little GeoCaching with #5

Just a quick note about a wonderful afternoon I had with #5 of 5.

GeoCaching with #5#2 and #3 of 5 were out shopping for pants with the Mother of Five#4 of 5 was not feeling well and sacked out on the couch watching TV.  I had a few hours before I had to head into work, so I loaded up the GPS with a couple of new caches that recently popped up in town, and several on the far outskirts of town that I had yet to find – and we headed out.

Our first two finds were very easy.  The first one was located in the Minnesota River Valley.  It was also opening weekend of the 2011 Duck Hunting season so when we arrived in an area that I would not expect to see cars parked, there were quite a few!  Trucks, trailers, canoes and a few guys pulling out from the river bottom area.  (You can see a few of their trucks off in the background)

From there we went into town and located one of the newest caches – located at the Historic Log Cabin!

GeoCaching with #5 GeoCaching with #5

Off to an abandoned barn cache.

GeoCaching with #5 GeoCaching with #5

Then to monument cache.

GeoCaching with #5

After we finished these, we were going to head another 5 miles out of town for another three caches grouped in the same area, but found the access to that road blocked due to construction.    With the only other access to those caches requiring me to drive 12 miles out of my way and then 12 miles back – we decided to save those caches for later – and instead, we stopped at Carasim Coffee Shop for a little treat! 

(Carasim does not have their own website, but the provided link comes courtesy of the fine folks at the Nicolin Inn (our local B&B) did a nice job writing up a little article about them.)

Carasim Coffe Shop Ice Cream  Carasim Coffe Shop Ice Cream

We went 4 for 4 this afternoon, and had a great time doing it!


  1. Looks like fun. I haven't been caching for a while. There are a few near my new job, but it takes me about an hour to drive the 32 mile commute, so I usually just want to get home.

  2. Looks like you guys had some fun. Gotta love the ice cream to cap off a fun adventure.

    I can't believe I missed out on an entire season of Geocaching. With everything going on, I totally forgot. Maybe I can sneak a few in with the boys before it gets too cold.

  3. Cool article. awhile back when I was still working in hollywood, these guys who were pro geocachers pitched me a tv show idea that would follow teams of geocachers are they discover prizes are the globe. We pitched it to the tv studios and there were a few bites, but no one picked it up.

    I think someone should revisit that idea, but from a kids point of view, and maybe take it to nickelodeon. I'd watch that show.

  4. It's a fun activity to do. There are a lot of geocachers providing surprising locations.


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