Blink 182 - (Part 1)

As we drove home in the almost “deafening” silence, I turned to my son and said “Hey… We did some permanent damage to our hearing tonight.  You know that, right?”  He turned to me with a big smile on his face, shrugged his shoulders, and replied with a “yeah” that was barely audible through the ringing in our ears.

This was the culmination of my evening out with #3 of 5.

Let me start at the beginning…  (Cue the “time travel” sequence)

About a week before, the Mother of Five pulled me aside and told me she wanted to “talk to me about something”.  That usually means something bad, so I prepared myself for the worst.

Time for to fill you in with a little background. (Even more “time travel”)

Back around the year 2000 ~ 2001 I was still working “dogwatch” (overnights) and we kept MTV (when they still played music videos) on the TV to help pass the time.  One of the more popular bands at that time was Blink-182.  (Their videos for “What’s My Age Again” and “All the Small Things” were on an almost constant rotation.)  Intrigued by their music and videos, I bought the CD.

I was (also at that time) finishing my basement.  I spent many hours downstairs doing physical labor on framing, dry walling, HVAC, electrical wiring, etc, etc, etc.  I would start my day by popping in a “motivational” CD (one that gets my blood pumping) and putting it on “repeat”.  More often than not, Blink-182’s “Enema of the State” was the CD of choice.

There is something about Blink’s music that speaks to me.  It’s sort of an eclectic mix of Alternative, Pop, Punk, and Humor.  Their music and lyrics take me back to a different time and place – a time when I was still young, and thin, and did not have the cares and the responsibilities of adulthood, parenthood, and homeownership.  They sing about some things I experienced firsthand, things that I experienced with my friends, and things I never experienced – things like young love, reckless abandon, teen angst, suicide, and even the conspiracy of alien existence!  They play with the upbeat tempo of the punk rock that I enjoy, with a more SoCal skateboarder / stoner vibe.  I am able to vicariously imagine a much more “interesting” teenaged existence than I really experienced through their music.

Blink 182’s popularity has risen and fallen through the years (as well as my tastes in music), but one thing has remained constant.  I have kept up with their catalogue, and even now (12 years later) manage to ALWAYS make room in my MP3 players (and in my listening rotation) for Blink 182.

Ok, so you are a big Blink 182 fan… What’s that got to do with #3 of 5?

#2 and #3 of 5 are both WELL into their teenaged years, and (as expected) are developing a taste for music in their lives.

#2 of 5’s tastes are noticeably different than mine.  He is into what is “here and now”.  Popular.  Mostly Rap Music.  Lady Gaga, Ke$ha (ack…It gags me to type Kesha with a $ instead of a s), Lil’ Wane, T-Pain, and the like.  If it’s “auto-tuned”, it’s likely that #2 of 5 will be listening to it.

Conversely, #3 of 5 started out with an inkling towards The Cure – but his tastes slowly took a turn to the more “darker”, “harder” and “heavier”.  Bullet for my Valentine, Three Days Grace, and Blink-182 are among his favorites.  (His musical tastes are much more in line with my own.)

Let’s tie this all together….

Over the past 12 months I have lost a noticeable amount of weight.  One thing I have been doing to keep this momentum going is making sure I get out on walks.  “Power” walks.  I pop in my headphones, and pick something from my “motivational” musical selection (Marilyn Manson, The Bloodhound Gang, Kid Rock, or Blink-182) and walk hard and fast!  Needless to say, I have been rockin’ with Blink quite a bit recently!

So here we are again (back to the future).  “I want to talk to you about something”.

The Mother of Five pulled me aside and told me that Blink-182 was in town and playing a concert in a few days (which I already knew about), and that that#3 of 5 is really interested in going to see the show (which I also knew about already).  She proceeded to suggest that I take #3 of 5 (the Blink-Fan) to see the concert (knowing that I am a Blink-fan too).

Initially, (and slightly disappointed to have to do so) I told her that I don’t think we can afford it.  She reminded me of the very busy summer we had, of the four weeks that #3 of 5 was volunteering (unpaid) at Phillipo Scout Reservation, and how important it is to spend some one on one time with each of the kids (which is hard to do with five kids).  After thinking about all he has done (or not done) this summer, she felt that he deserved to go.  She even went so far to say that she didn’t think we can afford NOT to take him.  I told her I would look into it.  Besides the cost, I discovered that I worked the day of the concert.  Not only did I work my regular shift, I worked an overtime shift afterwards too.

Yet, secretly… I am hoping somehow it just may work out.

As it turns out, the concert was not scheduled to start until an hour after my overtime shift ended, and tickets were not as expensive as I initially thought.  Despite my “initial hesitation”, I took the Mother of Five’s advise (twist my arm whydontcha?) and bought two tickets!  We planned to surprise #3 of 5 a few days later with the news.   It was eating me up inside.  I was so excited about going to see Blink 182 but could not say anything about it!

We rolled the tickets up into a new pair of black Converse All Star (low tops)he had been drooling over for weeks.  When he found the tickets scrolled away in the shoes, he was ALL SMILES!  (Only later did we find out that he knew about it all along because I had left the “receipt” open in an internet window after printing out my copy…  Dang!)

The concert was the following night!


  1. Don't really "get" Blink 182, but I must say (even though the former-Audiologist in me cringes at the thought of doing permanant damage to hearing) this post has a cool opening paragraph!

    And, it sounds like MoF is a wise woman!

  2. Glad you and #3 could have some special time together. Hooray for wise and loving Mother of Five.

  3. Yeah, most people do not "get" my taste in music. It's pretty eclectic - and I suspect most people would doubt the list of my favorite bands was something I actually came up with on my own.

    I real life ROCK concert with "naked" ears is just something you gotta do every once and while. Like a "bucket list" item - even if it's one of the worst things you can do for your hearing!

    And the both of you are right! The Mother of Five IS THE BEST!!!

  4. I'm a big fan of eclectic. My eclectic must be different than yours... I cover a lot of country, bluegrass, pop, rock, contemporary christian, southern gospel, jazz, disco...


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