Blink 182 - (Part 2)

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The day of the concert arrived.  I had talked to my mom about the concert, and to save time, she offered to pick #3 of 5 up after school, bring him to her house and feed him before the concert.  Then after I got off duty, I would go to their place (my parents live three miles from my work), pick him up and we would head out to the concert.

After work, I rushed to my parents house where they were just sitting down to eat.  We visited a little bit, then headed out towards the venue.  Once we arrived, we found a decent parking spot and headed in.  It was a lot of fun watching all the concert goers as headed towards the Excel Energy Center. 

Goth.  Emo.  Punk.  We saw them all. 

We arrived at the Excel, and headed in.  We were handed a “program” for the concert.  Blink 182 was headlining this year’s Honda Civic TourMatt & Kim and My Chemical Romance were the other bands playing.

We headed off to the t-shirt stand.  I was planning on getting #3 of 5 a t-shirt.  I debated one for myself, but between the prices, and my size (and lack of “gargantuan” sizes) I passed.

We found our seats, settled in and waited for the show to start.  The jumbo screen behind the stage showed various clips, and ads, and videos from Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance.

They also had a “scroll” across the bottom of the screen.  It scrolled “text” messages that people sent in to be displayed on the screen.  I tried sending several, but in the end, only one of mine made it up on the screen.  I tried “Father of five and #3 of 5”, “FOF and #3 of 5”, “Fat forty and still a fan”, but in the end, the one that made it on the jumbotron was a phrase that #2 of 5 uses (often…)  “Indeed!”

295797_2421030565117_1232038102_32901973_1655674549_n 298034_2421029685095_1232038102_32901971_2105780590_n

Before long, the lights dimmed and the crowd went WILD!   

I sent a text message to update my facebook page…  “1st opening act – Matt & Kim takin’ the stage”…  And just like that, the show started.

294809_2421027165032_1232038102_32901966_204311065_n 301006_2421027565042_1232038102_32901967_989567796_n  

They were A LOT of fun to watch!  They told us that this was their VERY FIRST “arena” concert, and I tell you what – they REALLY “brought it” – their energy level was off the charts.  They were playing (well) and had some really catchy tunes!  It was obvious that they really WANTED to be there, and were having tons of fun!  I’d love to see Matt & Kim again sometime! 


Between the shows, the lights went back up, and the jumbotron began it’s endless loop of ads, clips, and music videos (including the text scrolling).

So we waited for My Chemical Romance to start up.  To be honest, before the show, I had never really listened to My Chemical Romance.  Seeing as they were going to be playing, I started checking out some of their work on YouTube…  Really great stuff there!  Don’t know why I never listened to them before.

Here it is!  Proof positive that I was at Blink 182!



300931_2421031005128_1232038102_32901974_57919459_n 298487_2421030125106_1232038102_32901972_12203994_n 

The crowds started getting bigger in anticipation of My Chemical Romance.  Before long the lights dimmed again, and I quickly updated my facebook page again with the following text…

“Better living through MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!”

309594_2421037685295_1232038102_32901993_325165574_n  311530_2421033565192_1232038102_32901981_295492957_n 

They had a very colorful set.  Lots of reds and blues and oranges…  Sort of matched Gerard Way’s hair ( lead singer).

Of course from where we were seated and given the quality of my camera phone, my photographs are less than stellar.  Thankfully, the next day – I received an email from Ticketmaster.  The email included several photographs of the bands, and a video of the first three minutes of Blink playing!

These photos are courtesy of AT & T, the Excel Energy Center, My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, and the Honda Civic Summer Concert Tour! 

 My Chemical Romance My Chemical Romance

Above Left
My Chemical Romance

Above Right
Gerard Way (Lead vocals)

My Chemical Romance My Chemical Romance

Above Left
My Chemical Romance

Above Right
My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance preformed wonderfully!   I really enjoyed “hearing” (and I use that term loosely – it was more like “feeling”) their music.  A small group in front of us were obviously big fans – they were up on their seats, dancing, singing, shouting – Just going wild! 

I noticed that the volume between Matt & Kim and My Chemical Romance had seemingly been turned up a notch or two!

Once My Chemical Romance was finished, the lights went back on, the jumbotron started it’s job of keeping us occupied while the roadies took down MCR’s stage and set Blink 182’s up.



We knew it was going to be close when they started testing the laser show.  (I was looking forward to seeing the laser show.  Tom DeLong had been posting on FB about the lasers during their first show a few weeks back)

There was a feeling of excitement in the air… 

The lights dimmed.

I sent another Facebook update…



Then Blink 182 took the stage and the whole place went CRAZY!  Most people around us were standing, but the folks directly in front of me were sitting, so I did not need to stand – and the ladies behind us were all shorter, and if I stood, I would block their view… 

So there I was.  A forty (year old) fat fan – trying to rock in my seat!  I must have looked quite the site.

I don’t care.  Blink is one of my favorite bands, and they were playing the music I love.

301295_2421035885250_1232038102_32901988_1528068273_n 310133_2421036285260_1232038102_32901989_282279791_n305247_2421035045229_1232038102_32901986_99064195_n 299682_2421037325286_1232038102_32901992_1845366821_n297581_2421036525266_1232038102_32901990_496849705_n 304814_2421034925226_1232038102_32901985_749422370_n

Once again, my photos were less than “stellar” – so here are more photos sent to me courtesy of AT & T, The Excel Energy Center, and Blink 182.

Blink 182 Blink 182

Above Left
Mark Hoppus (Bass) in the background on the left and Tom DeLong on the right (holding the guitar up high)

Above Right
Tom DeLong (guitar) doing what he does so well!

Blink 182 Blink 182 

Above Left
Mark Hoppus (bass) playing and singing.  See how much fun he is having!

Above Right
Mark Hoppus (bass)

Blink 182 Blink 182 

Above Left
Travis Barker (Drums) – who did an AMAZING job!  He is really a talented percussionist! 

Above Right
Tom DeLong (guitar) – hamming it up as only Tom can!

They played the following songs… (Links are to YouTube videos for those who are interested)

They opened up the show with Feeling This – followed with Up All Night, The Rock Show, Down, I Miss You, Stay Together for the Kids, Dumpweed, Always, Violence, After Midnight, First Date, Heart’s All Gone. Man Overboard, Ghost on the Dance Floor, All the Small Things, Josie.

They took a short break, and came back for an encore.  The encore started with a lengthy and mobile drum solo by Travis Barker.  His drum set was put on a crane, and moved all over the set, up to the top of the venue, turned face down, and all around.  He really did a great job on that solo.  After the solo, the band played Carousel, and they finished off the concert with Dammit.


The show was supposed to end at 10pm – but did not get over until after 11. 

Blink played amazing.  The music was LOUD!  I doubt #3 of 5 has ever heard music played at that volume!  When Travis Barker used the bass drum, you could feel your heart vibrating (literally).

#3 of 5 says he had a great time!  I think I may have had an even better time!

I am very grateful to the Mother of Five for “making” me take him.  It was really a bonding experience!

I remember my very first concert to this day.  My mom took my cousin, my sister and I.  We saw Quite Riot at the old Metropolitan Center (where the North Stars played before they moved to Dallas).  I hope that 30+ years from now, this concert is still in #3 of 5’s memory as much as Quiet Riot’s is for me!



As we drove home in the almost “deafening” silence, I turned to my son and said “Hey… We did some permanent damage to our hearing tonight.  You know that, right?” 

He turned to me with a big smile on his face, shrugged his shoulders, and replied with a “yeah” that was barely audible through the ringing in our ears.

Thanks #3 of 5!  Thanks for a great time!  Thanks for having such great taste in music too! 


  1. David,
    Where are the photo credits for the images that "appear" to be taken . . . I mean "borrowed" from another site? I will write to you in prison.

  2. Quoted from the blog...

    "These photos are courtesy of AT & T, the Excel Energy Center, My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, and the Honda Civic Summer Concert Tour!"

  3. "And then I saw her standing there with green eyes and long blonde hair. She wasn't wearing underwear at least I prayed that she might be the one, maybe we'd have some fun, maybe we'd watch the sun rise, but that night I learned some girls try too hard!"

    Geez David, it's creepy how similar you and I can be. I LOVE Blink 182 too and also use them as work-out motivation. This post was just great for those of us who struggle to get out of the house and do adult things. SO, SO, SO cool you got to experience this with #3. I only hope to have the same opportunities later in life with Mal Pal.

  4. Have you heard their new one?

    "Neighborhoods" - Truly amazing! I'd call it "grown up punk"! I can't get enough of it!!


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