Happy Fathers Day!

So here it is… Father’s Day. 

As a “Father of Five”, you may think that today (of all days) my day would be off the charts, and over the top.  Well, it’s not so much as you’d think.   I did not get to bed until 3am the night before.  I’m scheduled to work.   The Mother of Five is scheduled to work (opposite shifts).  #1 of 5 has no means of transportation right now, so could not make it home to visit.  #2 of 5 is working his first full weekend at summer camp.  I think you get the picture.  It’s a typical busy weekend at the FOF Compound.  No time for “Father’s Day” – but, that’s ok. 

You see – the joy in being a father is not all about the perks that come (or don’t come) on “Father’s Day”.  The joy and perks of being a father come every day.  A little trickle at a time. 

It comes from watching your oldest son, get back up on his feet and start putting his life back together (the right way) after falling pretty hard.   It comes from seeing (and appreciating) the all too familiar (and slightly twisted) sense of humor that is developing in your teenage son, and immediately recognizing it because it’s so close to your own.  It comes from the excitement you see when your daughter looks you in the eye after she makes a double play during a softball tournament.  It comes from the feeling you have when your son shoots an 18/25 in Trap after starting the season with a 2/25.  It comes from the overwhelming sense of contentment you feel when your youngest daughter curls up with you and falls asleep in the comfort and safety of your arms.

It’s the things like these (each being a “real life example” from my life sometime in the past two weeks) that     Yes folks, it’s true… I’d trade every single Father’s Day – from now until forever – for any one of those little “you never know when they are going to happen” moments! 

me and my dadSo where does this come from?

Well, it comes from my dad. 

I knew nothing about being a dad when the kids started coming along.  The father I am today comes from inside.  From instinct.   From having watched my dad be a father. 

I (just like my dad) am far from being a “perfect” father, but you know what?  That’s ok!  His imperfections taught me that you do not have to be a “perfect” father to be a great dad!

My dad taught me to stay the course.  To be slightly cautious.  To have a strong work ethic.   To provide for my family, and to sacrifice my own wants to make that happen.

Without having ever having said so, I think my dad taught me to live life as the tortoise from the story “The Tortoise and the Hare”.  It is a lesson (intentional or not) that has served me well.

So on this Father’s day I’d like to publicly thank my dad!  For molding me into the man I am.  For being as  good a dad as you have been.  For teaching me the life lessons you have taught me.  For being patient with me.  For having been there for me when and if I ever needed it (and still do, even now as I am in my forties and a father of five myself). 

Thank you dad.
Thank you, and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!


  1. Nice tribute to fatherhood. I was working on a deeper Father's Day post, until Blogger somehow dumped the majority of the meaningful stuff (late last night) and left me with the fluffier post you already read. Maybe I'll do a follow-up post...

    Happy Father's Day, FoF!

  2. Some nice sentiments and a nice tribute to the man who made you great!


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