A New Challenge

As most readers here know, my boys are involved in the Boy Scouts of America.  I now have two boys who have achieved the rank of Life Scout, and are only a few steps (albeit some significant steps) away from achieving their Eagle Scout.

This is something I am VERY proud of them for having achieved.  I have tried my best to maintain involvement in their troop because as a young man myself, I had always wanted to be a Boy Scout – but alas, I never took the step.  In some ways, I am living my dream of being a Boy Scout vicariously though my boys. 

Over the past four years I have been asked about, and debated becoming an Assistant Scoutmaster.  I have taken two of the four required courses, but have struggled to find the time to take the remaining two courses.  Not having the time to commit to completing the training makes me question my ability to commit to becoming an Assistant Scoutmaster.

A few days ago a different opportunity for working within our troop was presented to me.  I was asked if I would consider taking on the duties and responsibilities of the Troop’s Unit Advancement Chairperson.

I listened to the current Advancement Chairperson’s description of what she does for the troop, and some of her own personal “tweaks” she does to make the position run as smoothly as it has for our troop.  I started realizing that this position may prove to be a good fit.  It matches with my interests (in the troop, computer technology, and organizing computerized data), and seems to be a better match for the time I can commit to the troop.  My availability is in shorter, more frequent “bursts” of time verses the longer “extended” commitments such as campouts. TAC

I accepted the position. 

I am (truly) excited about, and looking forward to the challenge that this position within the troop will offer.  I am also a little nervous about it too (to be honest)… After all, I have some big shoes to fill.  The current Advancement Chairperson has done an AMAZING job at establishing, organizing, and maintaining the troop’s records.  I truly hope I can continue meeting the high level of standards she has established, and our troop has come to expect.

Wish me luck as I prepare for, and begin this new endeavor!

Side note:  I am still considering completion of the Assistant Scout Master training.  If nothing else I can support our Scouts, the Scoutmaster (and other Assistant Scoutmasters) during the weekly meetings, and other activities that I CAN fit into my busy / hectic schedule  hoping I can still squeeze in a few campouts before my boys achieve their Eagle Scout rank.  My thinking is that even though I am unable to attend many of the troop’s extended weekend camping trips – I am able to help out with single-day events, and am present at most of the meetings – where perhaps I could fulfill the Assistant Scout Master duties…


  1. Dave,

    You are such a great Dad! You're gonna do great!

  2. Best of luck to you! Being involved in Scouts with our daughter (2nd grade Brownie) and son (5th grade just bridged to Boy Scouts) has been such a wonderful experience - thank you for your guidance with our dude and Scouts. Kudos to you for supporting your boys as they work to achieve something so important.


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