Update(s) - #1 of 5

In #1 of 5’s world, there have been a couple of updates!  Some good news, some not so good news.
First (and the most exciting) – an update to “I’m To Young For This” – the announcement that this Father of Five is also going to be the Grandparent of One…  #1 of 5 and his fiancée found out (in the middle of my illness) that….
We are (of course) happy to hear this news!  They seem pretty excited, and we are all eagerly awaiting the countdown to the arrival of this little bundle of joy!  We continue to pray for a happy and healthy delivery in January while we approach the wedding in November.  It is fun watching a new family form in front of your own eyes! 

In other “not so good” news – I have an update to the “The Deed is Done” post – where #1 of 5 broke his eleven month "transportationally challenged" lifestyle – and finally re-joined the world of the driving. 

Sadly, after several months of mechanical failures (front wheel bearings, tie rod, steering linkages, a blown radiator, and a couple of instances of overheating) – the car finally gave up the ghost – and succumbed to a fatal case of blown piston.

But, there is a bright side to this story.  Instead of becoming "transportationally challenged" again, this time - #1 of 5 went out (all on his own) and secured another mode of transportation for himself. 

IMG_0586_640x480 IMG_0580_640x480 IMG_0581_640x480 IMG_0582_640x480 IMG_0583_640x480  IMG_0585_640x480

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