cache Today was one of the first days this year where the weather was warm enough for a little Geo-caching!

Today was a "five out of six" day!

The Four Way Test
Tie a Yellow Ribbon
Lake Shore Micro
Lakefront Hilltop (my "did not find" or DNF)
Blowing Raspberries at Puzzle Caches
Lost Treasure of Deuce and a Quarter

I also picked up a Travel Bug!
The Spongebob Travel-Bug

What? You don't know about GeoCaching?

Head on over to to learn more!


  1. I think Geo-caching would be great fun, but I don't have a GPS. Once in a very long while I do Letter-Boxing which is somewhat realted. A the thrill of discovery and a fun outing with the family!

    Congratulations on a good Geo-cahing day!

  2. Is your daughter flipping me the bird?

  3. I'm too lazy to actually follow a link, but I'm curious...what kinds of things do you find?

  4. I've wanted to try this with the kids. We go hiking so much up here in the mountains!

    Then I got to thinking - would the search for a cache and the checking of the GPS take away from the hike? We love to explore the new places, enjoy the beautiful Rockies, see what we see - ya know?

    What do you think? Does geocaching take away from your hikes?

  5. No... Not at all... In fact, it gives us a reason TO hike... We would otherwise not.

    You'd have to check - but I would say if you could find a couple or three caches with a hike between them!


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