I have been in a bit of a slump

Yeah, I have had a rough few days... I have had two days off in the past 16 days. I worked 7 days, had two off, and am just finishing up working a 9 day stretch (I have been training a new employee during much of this time - which is added stress). The weather is very cold - (which I do not mind all that much, but it gets everyone in the house a little crazy with cabin fever..)

But, things are starting to brighten up now... On the upside - Today is my "Friday" (even though it is a Tuesday), and I have three days off with nothing significant planned for any of the days. I feel like getting some productive things done... I have a couple of ideas in mind... But I am going to wait to see what "solidifies" out of those ideas... It's also tax season - and that is looming over me, and around tax time each year, I try to "purge" our household of old (unneeded) paperwork that tends to gather

Also, maybe one evening I can take the kiddos out for some ice fishing!! I'd LOVE to get that in, and perhaps a movie or two... (DVD Rental from

One other little task I'd like to get done is now that I have my new phone, I need to get a carrying case for it. I have checked into it a little bit, but not found anything that I really like, at least not yet...
We got a significant snowfall this morning. We were supposed to get a "light dusting" but (from what I can tell) it looks like between and inch or two... It is kept us VERY busy at work this morning.

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