Well, today is the first day in a seven day stretch of days off. I took three days off in front of a regular four day off weekend. Wanting to continue being productive, my goal for today was to collect as much of the the hazardous waste that has been collecting around my house over the past year or so, and get it dropped off at the Scott County Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

I hope to have my task complete by 2pm. It is 1pm now. I am waiting for my wife to come home from “Guatemala Day”. Guatemala Day is a charity event St. John’s School (my kids’ school) holds every year on Valentines day, which the school donates all the proceeds to a needy school in Guatemala. It is basicly a carnival. Face painting, cake walks, fish pond, sucker wheel, shooting baskets for prizes, a huge raffle, and other kid friendly activities. The kids all love it, and look forward to it each year, and it is a worthwhile activity, as it benefits a needy school.

When She gets home, I will take all the hazardous waste to the recycling facility, and will have accomplished some of the “de-cluttering” I want to get done.

This pile includes:

- 17 Gallon sized paint cans (of varying content and quantity)
- 1 five gallon paint can (the remainder of the off-white paint that was used to paint our house when it was built)
- 6 fluorescent light tubes.
- 1 gallon of pesticide (that was used in our old house - circa 1997)
- Miscellaneous containers of used motor oil.
- 1 gallon of brake fluid (container is starting to corrode, and I am afraid will start to leak)
- 1 quart of brake fluid (container is starting to corrode, and I am afraid will start to leak)
- Some old cans of stain and polyurethane
- Other miscellaneous cans and bottles of chemicals considered to be hazardous.

On an unrelated note - Last night while taking Molly out for a poo… I noticed something very upsetting. My driveway heaved, and put a large long crack down the length of my asphalt driveway. I have prided myself for keeping good care of my driveway (compared to my neighbors around me) and of all the driveways around, mine was in “better than average” condition… Now I am going to have run crack filler along the crack and hope for the best…. It looks like crap, but at least it will prevent compounded damage to the area… DAMN!

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  1. ...they didn't try and take your car as waste when you dropped off everything else, did they? :)


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