Crossing Over

Just like the introduction to my blog states...

"My work, and our single income household keeps me very busy. I hate to admit this but sometimes so busy that I don't spend as much time with my kids and family as I want to, or as I should.... Although I am not always with them - they are ALWAYS with me...."

Last night I missed a major family event due to work...

Last night Jonathan "Crossed over" from Cub scouts to Boy Scouts.

Our Pack makes it this a big event! It is called the Blue and Gold Banquet. In years past (when I have been able to attend) all the Cub Scouts are awarded all their final pins, achievements, and awards. When that is all finished, the Boy Scouts are invited to join the Cub Scouts on stage, and all Cub and Boy Scouts stand in their respective dens with their leaders. The Boy Scout leader then starts calling the boys (one by one) that are 2nd year Weblos to "cross over" from Cub to Boy Scouts. The Pack has a wooden bridge built, and when the scout's name is called, their old Cub scout leader walks with them to the Cub Scout side of the bridge, and sends them (alone) over the bridge to the "Boy Scout" side. The Boy Scout leader then meets the scout on the "Boy Scout" side of the bridge, welcoming them into Boy Scouts.

The Boy Scout leader then takes off all the "Cub Scout" paraphernalia, (awards, pins, badges, kerchief, etc) and then awards them with their new "Boy Scout" paraphernalia (Kerchief, Boy Scout Manual, and Epaulettes). The Boy Scout Leader then congratulates the new Boy Scout, and assigns them to their new den. (Cub Scouts are dens of boys all the same age. Boy Scouts are dens of proportioned numbers of boys from 6th - 12th grade.) Because the boys that have always been together as Cub Scouts are broken up among the Boy Scout dens, they may or may not have any of their Cub Scout friends assigned with them to their new Boy Scout den, so the scout will be assigned a mentor from his new den. The mentor then helps the new scout out as he adjusts to the new den. It's really neat to see the newest "little guys" - being accepted into their new dens with the older boys (up to 12th grade).

So, for years I have been able to attend most of the "Blue and Gold" Banquets, but this year because I had to work, I was unable to attend this years festivities, and (subsequently) missed seeing Jonathan "Cross Over". I was very disappointed. As I write this, my eyes welled up, just thinking about having missed Jonathan "Crossing Over".

I am very proud of Jonathan, and I hope he knows how proud I am of him.

I think we need to have a little party "congratulating" him, but tonight (already) we have our first official "monthly parent meeting" for Boy Scouts...

It should be very interesting!..


  1. Congrats Jonathan, Dave, and the rest of the Melin family! I'm sorry you couldn't be there Dave, and I really hope the OT wasn't because of me?! :(

    Hopefully in a few years we will be seeing a post on Jordan's newest Eagle scout! Oh, the memories!

    Side note Dave, I actually snowmobiled to Jordan last night w/ 171 and his neighbor! Great riding, if think I'm going to have to do it again, and wonder into your yard! Hopefully, your association deosn't ban snowmobiling racing in your yards!

  2. "Eff" my association...

    You are welcome anytime!

    I have never done it, but I imagine that the ride would be GREAT!

    Did you follow the river, or the freeway?

    I have always wanted to utilize the bike trails in the river bottoms.... Perhaps this is the year!

  3. Congratulations on your Scouts and their progress - both Boy and Girl! I am touched at the effort you make to be aware of and a part of things even when you cannot be there because of work. Good for your wife for bringin these events to you with photos and video. Your children will always know that you love them and care. What a blessing!

    Trail to Eagle - Start your boy's notebook now. Or rather, help him start it. Record the date when he joined Scouts. Every time he earns anything, ask for a copy of the Advancement Report and put it in there. The troop should be keeping copies, too, but sometimes...... When he earns a merit badge, encourage him to PRINT the merit badge counselor's name on the blue card. They sign like doctors! When he fills out his Eagle application he will need to list the merit badge, the date and the counselor's name. After he earns a merit badge, he turns the blue card in to the Advancement person. At some point after they record it, they will give it back. KEEP the blue card. It is like gold. Get plastic holders like for baseball cards and put them in the notebook. He will enjoy the memories his book evokes and it will stand him and you in good stead when he is working on his Eagle.

    We just got back from meeting with the District Advancement Chair who finally accepted his book! (Which obviously we did not start when he joined) Now we wait to be told when the Board of Review will be held, which THANkFULLY does not have to be before his birthday. He is 10 feet off the ground now.

    Your kids are lucky to have such parents. Blessings on you all.


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