My next read.

For Christmas, I got a new book.

"One Man's Wilderness"
By Sam Keith

The the story of Dick Proenneke.

Who is Dick Proenneke? CLICK HERE, HERE, HERE, heck... Dick Proenneke (Alaskan Adventurer) is ALL OVER THE WEB!

To properly enjoy this book I need a cool, calm, and quiet setting while I read (much like the setting of the book). That rarely happens at home, and seldom happens at work... I'll wait for a set of days off in January or February where I can have a day or two of some peace and quiet...

I was turned on to this book by when PBS aired three specials on Alaska. The first one called "Alone in the Wilderness" (The story of Dick Proenneke - and documentary about this book), the second (I forget the title - but I will find and add here) is about the Alaskan Wilderness, and the Narrator does a lot of flying over the wilderness in special plane, and the third "Grizzly Man" The story of Timothy Tredwell (another Alaskan Adventurer and bear enthusiast). If you have not had the opportunity to see Grizzly Man - I highly recommend it! It contains an adventure story with some underlying humor in it (you will have to see it to understand) and the captivating beauty of the Alaskan wilderness... Once you start it's hard to look away.


  1. Naughty, naughty Mr. Chocolate! I love you Mr. Chocolate! Mr. Chocolate, what are you doing don't bite me! AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!

    It looks like a good book Dave, you'll have to tell me how it is when you are done!

  2. Dave...I'm pretty sure your wife would not want to move to Alaska...especially if you need to use a snow machine like we all came to know and love in "the Shining"...or a float plane (one of the hardest planes to land safely) to access your property. Before you buy this please ask the realtor (if he has a phone and can get mail there) how many red/black flannel hairy-backed squatters who are AWOL from the military or civilization come with this prime real estate...good heavens.

    Derek the Dispatcher

  3. Also read the book/saw the PBS special quite a while ago. Might enjoy a re-read. I spent a summer in Alaska during my college years and would love to return someday.


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