Trouble in our Neighborhood

Today (yes... Christmas Eve) while at work my neighbor called me and asked if everything was ok at our house. I told her that I thought so, and asked why she was calling me at work and asking (it sure seemed odd). She told me that three of our neighbors were burglarized during the night, and it looked like our house could have been hit. (See below) Entry was made thru the garages. Christmas gifts and electronics were taken, and some of the gifts and the ripped off wrapping was blowing around in their yards and some of the neighboring yards. Apparently just stealing the gifts was not enough. The burglars had to have a "Mini-Christmas" and rub it in the faces of their victims.

Footprints in the snow and frost (and the fact that they put my lighted Christmas deer in a "compromising" position) indicated that they were at my home too. I normally leave for work in the dark, so (at the time) I had no idea this had happened. Even after my neighbor called me, I still had no idea if they had entered my garage (and / or home) because I had not thought to look for anything out of place. Like I said though, it was dark outside, and hard to see if anything was disturbed. A call to my wife (after she returned from church) verified that indeed all was well at our home, except for our deer having been forced to copulate against their (and our) wishes.

When the person responsible is found I'll be sure to fire up my woodchipper, and offer it my to my neighbors (the victims) who can feel free to (slowly) feed the burglar in... FEET FIRST! Until that "final solution" becomes a reality, I have decided to look into alarm systems for my home.

Because of my job, I am familiar with what alarms do and (more importantly) what they do not do. I know they wont result in an intruder's arrest, but they will limit the time an intruder can be in my home before someone checks into the alarm. There are also options for some "covert surveillance", and a chance at capturing an image of the "soon to be chipped" burglar. I guess it's all about how "paranoid" I want to become, and how much that paranoia is going to cost me.

I am a pretty handy guy, so I have decided to install my own system rather than getting the "Free" alarm from one of the nationally know companies. I can contract out my own alarm monitoring at $108.00 a year from a national monitoring company, and would then also OWN my system. Homeowners who have a monitoring company install their alarm, frequently pay up to 30.00 a month (with up to a three year contract) for service. Those systems are "proprietary", so you can only have their company monitor the system, and if you try to make changes, or want to stop the service, they remotely "lock the system down" rendering it useless. They then can come in and remove the system when and if they so choose. If (on the other hand) I install my own system, and (for whatever reason) I did not want the system monitored, I could quit the monitoring, and have a working "on site only" alarm system.

I am starting research now, so watch here for updates, and maybe even a future "series" on the alarm!

So... Until next time, keep those woodchippers warmed up and ready-to-run!


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  1. I'm sorry to here about the trouble in your 'hood! That is never a good thing, even more bad around Christmas! The lighted deer thing is funny though! Now lets see if I remember, Hwy 169 south to .......


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