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An old friend of mine emailed me today. He told me that he was cleaning his "inbox" and came across an email I sent him quite some time ago. He said he still laughs when he reads it, and also said he could "feel the look" I got.

This email was dated 02-04-06 (before I started blogging), and titled "Am I a Bad Dad?"
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Jonathan (4th grade) came home from school in a quandary. He had to do a history report on a "historic US figure". There were some rules with this report. The kids could not choose a president (current or prior), any one that they have already studied in class, or anyone in recent news - so that the class has recent knowledge about that person. I believe that they were trying to broaden their historic horizons - beyond the standard "4th Grade History".

He was stuck.. Michele and I started helping him by coming up with a few ideas... He said he asked about all the names we came up with, and they were already taken or could not be used (see above rules).

I finally asked him to ask his teacher about the possibility of "Charles Manson", "John Wayne Gacy" and/or finally "Jeffrey Dahmer".

Michele was not pleased with me.

(But Jonathan thought it was pretty funny!)

I was just trying to help...

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