A little extra "exposure" while cleaning the garage.

I am sure most of you have heard of craigslist.

One of my co-workers have had some sucsess selling items on craigslist, and so, while cleaning out the garage, I'll try it too!

Need a BUNKBED? -- SOLD --

How about a HEADBOAD / FOOTBOARD? -- SOLD --

There is a small white DRESSER & MIRROR avaiable too! -- SOLD --

Wish me luck!


  1. Did you ever sell the rest of this stuff? How was the whole process using Craig's List? Any problems with the buyers?

  2. No, but it stays on Craigs List for 45 days. The rules ask you not to "repost" your item (to bring it to the top again) which many people do. I figured I would follow the rules. Wait my 45 days, and then repost it again if they have not sold.

    I'm not in any rush, and the items are in the garage where they have been most of the summer. They are not in the way, so they can sit.


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