Another notch in my belt.

No, it's not how it sounds...

I am just feeling very good about having to drill another hole in my belt!

This all started in June. (The last time I weighed myself). I was down about 10 lbs. I was so excited about this that I decided to start eating a little bit better (and a little bit less), and limiting my soda pop intake. I have also been walking one or two miles during my breaks at work.

In June, July, and August I had not noticed much of a change. It just felt good to be down a little bit of weight. Recently though, I have noticed something. I noticed that I can barley fit into my jeans. In the past this has always meant I needed to go up a size. This time "barley fit" means they are starting to fall off - even with my belt (before adding "Another notch")!

I took out some older jeans that (last time I tried) I could no longer button, and not only can I button them, but I need a belt to help hold them up too! I have a pair of pajama bottoms that I used to have to "Squeeze" into that now fall off involuntarily (I have to hold them up as I walk). And finally my hunting pants (which I have not been able to button in at least two years) I buttoned up this year!

I bet (I have not weighed myself) that I am down about 20 lbs now. THIS IS GREAT!

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  1. Better be careful with those pajama bottoms falling off. Otherwise you'll have to re-name your blog "Father of Six"


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