Vacation - Part III / Sub-part A - Pre-trip background

Here it is.. The real reason behind the vacation...There are a couple of good stories out of this trip - so I will break up "Vacation - Part III" into a couple of "Sub-Parts"...

Sub-part A - Pre-trip background.

Well over a year ago, I read an article about a King Tut exhibit traveling from Egypt for a traveling exhibit/event around the world. Chicago was one of the destinations. I had monitored the news for a while, and finally a site was set up where you could submit you email address, and when tickets were available, they would send you a reminder.

Jonathan was (at that time, and still is) very interested in mummies. This was a perfect thing for him. I originally told my wife about it, and told her I was interested in taking Jonathan. The trip started out as Jonathan and dad. That was well over a year ago. As time passed, the plan changed to Jonathan, Zachary and Dad, then to Jonathan, Zachary, Mom and Dad, and finally Jonathan, Zachary, Benjamin, Mom and Dad.

Months before the trip, my brother-in-law, his fiancé and baby moved to Sterling, IL (about 2 hours west of Chicago). The reminder email came, and the summer shift picks also came up. We picked a date, bought the tickets, and waited.

First of all - the tickets were VERY expensive... For the five of us, I paid over $160.00 for the General Admission, Underground Adventures, King Tut, and King Tut Audio tour package. But, heck... It's pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime event... I think the last time any of the King Tut Artifacts were in the US was in 1976. My parents never went, but my father bought some sort of souvenir book, that I remember looking thru over and over as a kid. I remember being almost hypnotized as a child. So.. we bit the bullet and got the tickets.

I started researching some of the other things that we can do while we are in Chicago...
There is the Field Museum (where the King Tut Exhibit was housed)
There is the Museum of Science and Industry
There is the Sears Tower
There is the Hancock Observatory

There is the Shedd's Aquarium
There is the Navy Pier
And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

We decided on the Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, a visit at my brother-in-law's house, with a possible stop at the Sears tower or the Hancock Observatory.

We booked a hotel, got our maps ready, got packed, and the day finally arrived. (This 4 day trip fell in the middle of my 16 days off (all those days I was getting all those other tasks done)).

End of Sub-Part A - Pre-trip background. Stay tuned for Sub-part B - Day 1.

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