Vacation Part II

Well, now that I have dealt with the CONSTRUCTIVE things I have done on my vacation, I I'll blog a bit about the non-constructive things I did.

First of all... The first several nights, I sat out on my new deck, drinking wine coolers, and listening to XM Radio - Here are a few of my favorites...

202 High Voltage - Opie & Anthony, and my new favorites - Ron & Fez.
150 XM Comedy - Stand up comedy
008 80's - 80's Music
009 90's - 90's Music
042 XMLM - Hardcore, Death, and Grindcore Metal

We also rented several movies....
8 Below
The Libertine
Failure to Launch
Just Friends
Pirates of the Caribbean (#1)

We got together with the neighbors for the 4th of July (They had a party with many friends) and then did our own fireworks display (both on the 3rd and the 4th).

We went on a couple of walks with the family.

I went to several of the boy's Baseball games.

I played a mean 2-day game of RISK (that is still going - set up on the dining room table to finish later) with the boys, and I played Monopoly Jr. with the girls.

And, on a positive final note, I got on a scale for the first time since February. Now, keep in mind that for lent this year, I gave up soda pop. I went 40 days without it. When I started up again, I have given myself a limit of 2 cans a day. (I used to drink about 5) and have made a conscious effort to eat a little bit "better" and a little bit "less". I also have been taking my break at work, and walking... It's about a mile. I knew I had been losing some weight. My "just fitting" pants are now a little big, and the next size down (which I could not button), I now can. Anyway, I got on the scale at my Brother-in-laws house, and discovered the number on the screen was about 15 lbs less then the number I had seen on the last scale I was on! WHOO-HOOO!! I lost about 15 lbs since February!!! Now I need to keep this up! I even feel better!

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