Vacation - Part I

Tonight is my last night of vacation. It has been one of the best vacations I have had in a LONG time. I had time away from work. I have had time to get a lot of projects around the house done. I had time to spend with my children, and I had time to spend with my wife, and even a little bit of time alone too!

Here is a list of just a few of the many projects around the house I got done:

1. Finished the spindles on the deck.
2. Repaired the sprinkler system.
3. Mowed and edged the lawn.
4. Repaired a broken light switch in the basement
5. Changed the oil in my car.
6. Sorted and put away lots of loose tools that have been hanging around the house.
7. Painted the front pillar.
8. Cleaned and vacuumed both the van and my "daily driver".
9. Cleaned and painted our bedroom.
(Our bedroom was the last room still in the "original" color. We have new bedding and
furniture for the room too! - about a year old - we just never got around to painting our room.)
10. Repaired, set and filled the automatic fish feeder on my aquarium.
11. Cleaned portions of the garage.
12. Cleaned all the debris from my deck building project that have been laying around the yard.
(Cut boards, sawdust, broken beer bottles, screws, nails, tacks, and staples, etc.)
(Now the kids can actually play under the deck!)
13. Replaced the finicky 3rd "cyclops" brake light in my car (that has been out as long as I can remember).
14. Tracked down my missing license tabs that I bought on-line and never received.
15. Repaired the drain in the bathroom vanity

Again, there were just some of the bigger projects I got accomplished. I will try to find my original "list" of things I wanted to get done on my vacation and compare the lists...

End of Part I - Part II to follow....


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