The Lost Dog

I just had a desperate sounding rapidly ringing doorbell and pounding on my door. When I answered the door, a woman asked me if I was missing a dog (she looked wildly desperate). When I told her no, she told me that she found a dog in the street and it did not look good. I went with her and spotted a medium sized brown lab flopping around in the middle of the road. She told me she was a little nervous about approaching the dog.  Having taken numerous 9-1-1 calls about injured dogs attacking people (in an instinctual defensive mode) I didn’t blame her, but looking at that dog flopping around on the super heated black asphalt I felt I had to investigate and do something anyway. 

wxI made it about halfway to where the dog was at and noticed the scene was just as the woman described.  A medium sized chocolate lab with a pink collar that was flailing about and uncontrollably panting (slobbering too, it’s coat was drenched in it’s own saliva). 

Since today will be tied for the hottest day of the year so far, the first thing that came to my mind was to bring it some water (Do dogs suffer from dehydration?)  I quickly ran back to the house and grabbed a bucket of water, and ran back to the dog.

The lady who came to my door was now with the dog and petting it.  I laid down the bucket of water near the dog’s head and then (with my "ample wide frame")  I sat down in the street with my sun to the back providing shade for the dog, while the lady contacted our local authorities.  

By the time I had brought her water and sat to shade her (we believed the dog was a “she” by this time) her flailing about had stopped, but the uncontrollably panting, and slobbering was still going on.  Additionally we noticed she was bleeding from an unknown source (later discovered to be her mouth).   Initially she would not drink any of the water.

I was pretty certain she was hit by a car.

A few more minutes of being shaded by my "ample sized frame" having passed, she finally stood up (on wobbly legs) and started drinking the water I brought out to her.  While standing, I assessed her frame – and despite being “wobbly” there were (thankfully) no signs of a collision with an auto!  The lady and I made the decision to move the bucket (and the dog by default) into the shade on the side of the road. Over the next fifteen minutes she perked up quite a bit.

NextDoorThroughout this time, several neighbors came by, but no one seemed to know who she belonged to. Eventually, the police arrived.  When the police pulled up, the dog had been cooled and hydrated and had perked up quite a bit!  She was very excited (happily excited) to see the police officers, and when offered a “treat” to entice her into the squad car she was quite attentive and sitting at attention waiting for it!  All the officer had to say is “wanna go for a ride” and she hopped right up in the police officer’s squad – no questions asked!   

When I got home I logged into our neighborhood "Nextdoor" (sort of like FB for neighborhoods and HOA's) and posted a message about the event.  By the time I was finished, I had also received a message from one of my neighbors (who had not yet seen my posting) about missing a Chocolate Lab.

Our messages had seemingly crossed.

CaptureI sent the owner a private message, to which they thanked me, and explained that their lab has a seizure disorder - and that's likely what we had seen.   The owner told me she had already contacted the JPD and that they were on their way back to return the dog to the family!   

It has made for a pretty exciting hour, and I am grateful for the happy ending!


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