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For years, I have suffered through one of my own “pet-peeves”…  Dull kitchen knives. 

Having spent years and years associated with the Boy Scouts – one lesson I learned, and resonates with me still is that “a dull knife is your worst enemy”.

Despite my “pet-Peeve” the fact remained that for years and years, we have had a house FULL of little kids.  (Ahem… FIVE=”full”.  Doubt me?  I’ll drop a few off at YOUR place and ask you again in a week).

A house full of little kids and a kitchen full of sharp knives is a recipe for disaster.  I wasn’t even willing to try.

But, the kids are all older now.  Old enough that I feel comfortable undertaking a personal mission.  The mission I have chosen to accept is to keep our kitchen knives sharp






Virtually every time I go to prepare a meal that uses a kitchen knife, I sharpen it before use.  For those of you who do not know, sharp knives tend to handle differently - especially when one is accustomed to not-so-sharp knives.

Yesterday was a perfect example.  I prepared my dinner before heading out to work.  I cleaned my mess and put everything away.  Shortly thereafter #4 of 5 and #5 of 5 decided they were going to make their dinner – which required them to open a bag.  #4 of 5 used the knife I just sharpened, not expecting it to glide so easily through the material she was cutting.

The Mother of Five and I were catching up before I left for work (it’s been an incredibly busy week) when I hear a scream from the kitchen, and #4 of 5 began  frantically running around before she ran for the bathroom.





0605Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let you put the rest of the story together.  You can use the same “SnapChat” photos that #5 of 5 was sending me as updates on my way to – and once I arrived at work to put it all together.

Officially (for the record) – #4 of 5 will live to see another day.  The injury looked much worse than it was in reality.


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