Lessons, Karma, and Lessons in Karma

Today, I was having a little interaction with #1 of 5 on Facebook. 
It all started simply enough.
Locking keys out of the car

In case you cannot read the text, #1 of 5 had locked his keys inside his car and had to get creative in retrieving them. 

#1.5 of 5 (his girlfriend) captured a photo of the surprising results of having tried to unlock the car and posted it on Facebook.  He turned around and shared it.     

When I saw this post, I (of course) had to comment.  What right-minded father WOULDNT take the opportunity to poke fun of while dishing out some sage fatherly advise?? 

Not this fella.  No way!

As Paul Harvey would say so very often,  “…and now, here is the REST OF THE STORY”.

As SO MANY FAR TOO MANY people can (and will) attest, I tend to get a little “forgetful” about certain things.  (Here is a little throwback to a 2007 Father-of-Five post called “A Key to Happiness” as proof.)  My cell phone and car keys are often the primary victims of my forgetfulness.  More often than I care to admit, I require a return trip to my desk (at work), or the dining room table (at home) to retrieve one or both items after getting to my car.

The last few days were no different.  I had misplaced my “regular” key for the car, but since the car was parked in the garage – I knew the key had to be somewhere around the house, so I don’t much worry about it.  (Many years ago, this would have turned me into a crazed lunatic, ripping the house apart and refusing to leave until the misplaced key was found…)

Nowadays, when I temporary misplace my key I simply grab a spare set.  (More on that in a moment!)
Well, I was on day two of using the spare set (not unusual), and running a number of errands before meeting the Mother of Five for a “lunch date” near her workplace.  I parked the car, and texted her that I was there.  Since the mutually agreed upon location of our date is walking distance from where she works, I waited in my vehicle for her arrival.  While waiting, I opened up Facebook on my phone and discovered the previously mentioned post.

My reply turned into a little fun banter.  You can see the (slightly edited) interaction below. 

See if you can catch the irony. 

Facebook Banter    
Yup.  There I was, sitting in my car (waiting for the lovely, lovely, Mother of Five – YES… Two “lovelys”) teasing dishing out a heapin’ helping of sage fatherly advise (in the form of getting a spare key) to #1 of 5 – when all of a sudden, a little “karma” came a rapping on my car window.

Startled, I turned to see who it was.  No one I recognized.  So, I got out of my car to find out what this man knocking on my window wanted.  The man turned to me and asked me if I knew that I had a key hanging from the lock of my trunk?
Keys left in trunk lock

…crickets chirping…

I hopped out of the car, and sure enough – there it was!  The key I normally use and had not been able to find for (at least) two days!! 

I had been to Walmart, home depot, Lowes, Great Clips, Jordan Ace Hardware, the Post Office, the CREC, to name just a few of the places this car had been parked since I had last seen the key…

Of course, this lesson (my lesson) HAD to come at the very moment I was trying to sound so “sage”, “fatherly’ and “wise” myself!   

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  1. OK, first... "some dude" who "just NOW" knocked on your car window left me hanging! You asked the question, "Huh? How did you get a string into the car?" and it never got answered because "some dude" interrupted the text thread. Just how the heck do you get a string into the car without a window cracked and pick a lock? With a SHOESTRING? Inquiring minds really want to know!

    And, second... BWAHAHAHAHA! TWO DAYS your missing car key was riding around on the back of your car for everyone to see? That is HILARIOUS! I actually LOL'd when I read this! Check the odometer... how many folks "borrowed" your car while you were at work... as long as they parked it in the same spot and put the key back in the lock how would you ever know?

    Third... does "some dude" have impeccable timing, or what? The story was already funny, but the text thread that shows you getting interrupted with your misplaced key while harassing 1 of 5 for misplacing his key is awesome! You can't make stuff like this up!

    Thanks for sharing a few laughs at your own expense! "The man turned to me and asked me if I knew that I had a key hanging from the lock of my trunk?" Bwahahahaha!


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