An Afternoon of Trap Shooting

As you may have already seen, #3 of 5 shoots for his High School Trap Shooting Team.  He had a phenomenal year – raising his scores from the 7-10 range last year to an 18-20 range this year! 

mhhc1Back in February (before the Trap Shooting Season even started) the Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club offered a “Groupon” offer that was too good to turn down!!  They offered three options – but I selected the 100 target Sporting Clays course for two with lunch at Triggers Saloon and Supper Club package.

With all the shooting #3 of 5 did between April and June, using our Groupon was the last thing on our minds, but with the season now well in our rear view mirror and the Groupon’s expiration date looming – we set a date and planned for a day on the range.

Since #3 of 5 shoots Trap (as opposed to Skeet or Sporting Clays) I called the Horse & Hunt club ahead of time and inquired about substituting Trap for Sporting Clays.  They were happy to accommodate our request.  (Trap is less expensive than Sporting Clays). 

We arrived at the Horse and Hunt Club and checked in at the Clubhouse.  The clubhouse staff were very friendly and helpful.  I again explained that we wished to substitute Trap for the Sporting Clays, and without a blink, got us set up, provided us a score card, gave us directions to the Trap ranges and wished us luck!

Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club - Lower Trap Range

Both of their trap ranges were open, so we selected the “Lower” range (since it was at the end of the road).  The range overlooked a beautiful slew!

I have shot here one other time a few years back… (Link)

With only two of us (and no “official” to judge and keep score) we decided to each shoot a full round (individually) while the other kept score, then alternate. 

#3 of 5 shot first and scored 17/25. 

I shot next and ALSO scored 17/25.

#3 of 5 - Position 3 Lining up the shot

#3 of 5 shot his second round and scored a 22/25.

And now the pressure was on!  We tied the first round, then #3 of 5 amped up his game and pulled off a 22!  There was a lot of “smack talk” back and forth as I took to the first shooting stand! 

I was going to “SCHOOL” this youngin’ and remind him who’s boss!  That was, until…

I shot my second round and…  Scored a (measly) 14/25…  (sigh)

I suspected that I would not hear the end of it – and I was NOT disappointed.  Now all filled with the machismo of victory, #3 of 5 was all smack talk …  

By the way and for the record… 

I “let” him win by throwing the round.  It’s all about his… uh… Self esteem building – yeah, that’s it!!  Self esteem!!  That’s what a good father would do… Right?  RIGHT??!?!

Dismal Scorecard

We headed back up to the clubhouse and were given our voucher for lunch at Trgger’s Saloon and Supper Club.  We headed upstairs and seated ourselves.

Once inside we were told to seat ourselves.  I gave #3 of 5 the choice.  There were tables, bar tables (the tall ones with bar stools for seats) and seats at the bar.  He selected a two seat bar table.  Our waitress brought us our menus and we began the daunting task of making our luncheon selections!  (Link to menu)

Trigger's Saloon and Supper Club #3 of 5 at Trigger's Saloon and Supper Club

#3 of 5 chose the “California Burger” (no mayo).  I on the other hand wanted to go a little more “exotic”.  I enjoy trying less “common” meats, so I selected the “Elk Camp, No Bull” burger – It’s 1/3 lb ground Elk and Bison (with no beef) garnished with Bleu Cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and thinly sliced sautéed onion strings.

When the waitress brought us our food, I could not believe my eyes!  These burgers were HUGE and there was a heaping helping of perfectly seasoned fries as well!  I had intended on taking photographs, but in the end – my hunger and the DELICIOUS aroma distracted me. 

The Elk Camp, No Bull burger was AMAZING!!  It had the distinctive Bison flavor, the bite of the bleu cheese came through and of course the mushrooms!  I LOVE mushrooms!!  I would not only recommend it, I would order it again!! 

Like I previously stated, the portions were HUGE – and by the time I was finished I was feeling more than full – in fact about thirty minutes after I finished eating I started feeling ill from having eaten so much.  I should have split my lunch into two portions and brought the rest home! 

I found the staff at Trigger’s (just like at the clubhouse) to be equally kind and friendly!  My overall experience with the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club was a very positive one!  I am so glad I purchased the Groupon – and I sure hope they do it again this winter!!  Groupon or not, we will be back!  Back for some shooting time, and back for Dinner at Trigger’s!     

When we left the Horse and Hunt club I really felt like I had to get out and walk a little of my lunch off…  What better way to do that then a little GeoCaching on my way home.  Since the following Saturday would be INTERNATIONAL GEOCACHING DAY, I wanted to get a little “warm up caching” in beforehand.  It was the perfect solution! 

#3 of 5 and I found two quick GeoCaches on our way home – one of which surprised me a little when I first stumbled upon it!  It almost looked like it was being guarded!

Guardian of the GeoCache Guardian of the GeoCache

It was the perfect ending to a great afternoon with #3 of 5!

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  1. Congrats to your son for shooting so well, that's cool! I thinks dads should teach their kids camping, fishing and shooting. Good job!

    Mark L.


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