FOF Observation #25

The "FOF Observations" are a series of "Perpetual Posts" where I will share with you, my readers, short little observations that I have made (or will be making) on being the father of a large family. You will be able to access each of the posts in a cohesive list by clicking on the "FOF Observations" link in the "Perpetual Posts" group on the sidebar.

Lemonade stand delivery!


So, I am in the garage working on cutting drywall for our shower repair project when the three little neighborhood girls from down the block (who have a lemonade stand set up) brought the stand to me!!

How could I resist??

I bought TWO!!


  1. I paid $3 for three $.25 cups of lemonade at the stand around the corner. Free refills? Uh, no!

  2. Sure it was a lemonade stand...I see the empty bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade in the background...sheesh! No, just kidding. That was so sweet, and I'll bet the girls were so happy!


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