Call Me Samson!

You know, Samson - who believed he was given unusual strength and that he would loose his strength with the loss of his hair.  I have often wondered if my goatee has been providing me some extraordinary talents (talents that I have seemingly not yet discovered).

As best as I can tell, it’s been over fifteen years…

Tonight, as I was running around doing errands while the Mother of Five had the kids at #4 of 5’s softball game I had a WILD idea…  Something I have not done in over FIFTEEN YEARS!!     524984_4064965142454_86325106_n

Left:  Before
Right:  After

Yup!  I shaved my WHOLE face for the first time in fifteen years!  I have NO idea what made me think of it.  The thought hit me, and within a moment I was seriously considering it.

It would certainly be strange.  My kids have either have never seen me without my goatee or if they did, they would have been too young to remember having seen me without it. 

I told myself that when I got home from my errands, if no one was home, I would do the deed.  Sure enough, when I opened the garage door there was no van inside.  Since no one was home yet, I set to accomplishing my chosen deed.  Once I finished I had a few minutes to adjust to the unusual feeling of having a smooth face before the rest of the family arrived home.

The first person to come down and see me was the Mother of Five who IMMEDIATLY noticed it.  Next #5 of 5 came down and while she said I looked different, she could not specifically say WHAT was different.  (I told her that I got a hair cut, which seemed to satisfy her realization that SOMETHING was different.)  Then, #4 of 5 came down.  She gave me an odd look, angled her head slightly while looking at me oddly…  Then, when I told her I cut my hair, she figured it out!  #3 of 5 also could not help but chuckle when he saw it. 

Everyone had a good laugh about my metamorphosis.  The girls said I looked either cartoonish, kid-faced, or if they put their hand up in the air and blocked their view of my hair (looking at me from my eyes down) said I looked like a old man… 

Not sure how long this will last, but at least I gave it a try, right?? 


  1. David,
    Now that you have shaved, it is somewhat creepy how much you resemble the "victim/suspect" in the photo postings in Bloomington and Eden Prairie parks. BTW, maybe your strength comes from your not shaving - your legs? You didn't shave your legs did you?

  2. It must be your more serious side... looks like you also changed your shirt from a fun-loving Hawaiian print (with gotee) to a much more conservative and serious black polo (without gotee)!

  3. The new you may take some getting used to, luckily we can have the old you back in a few days if WE don't approve of this new blogger guy! lol

  4. Kids asked me to do this a couple of months ago, so I did.


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