Christmas Preparation

Christmas preparation (among numerous other obligations) have really put a damper on the time I have available to update The Life of a Father of Five.  I have a couple of SIGNIFICANTLY overdue posts that I still need to complete, but I want to give them the attention they deserve – So they are on the back burner for a little bit.  (That’s ok.  After all, I just recently posted about not pressuring myself into blogging, and left some feedback for a new dad blogger who was dealing with similar feelings himself.)

One of the Christmas Preparation items I had on my To-Do list was to help the girls’ school set up the stage and risers for their Christmas program.  We started on Sunday, but had to finish up on Monday morning.  After starting bright and early Monday morning, we had to stop for a church service held by Deacon Gary.  I ran home completed a couple of other tasks, returned to St. John’s and we started back up.  Just as I was finishing the last of the connections on the risers, I heard the distinct sounds of a class on their way in to the church to practice for the program. 

I was delightfully surprised to see it was #5 of 5’s class!!  (The surprised look on her face and that little wave of her hand brightened my day like nothing else could have!!)

So I finished up the riser, gathered up my tools, and snapped a couple of pictures (snapped a couple of pictures is code for “got a sneak peek of the class’s contribution to the annual Christmas Program”).

#5 of 5 is in the front row – second from the right side – wearing white tights.  Sorry for the low quality photos, my camera phone is “adequate” at best. 

Christmas Program Prep  Christmas Program Prep Christmas Program Prep


  1. They quickly outgrow the "smile and little wave". Fun moment that might have been forgotten, now wonderfully preserved on the pages of FoF!

  2. Sis here...I couldn't get the sign-in to work...I love those little waves. Thank goodness that mine are still waving at age 9!!! I can't wait to hear about the program.

  3. I love your blog posts - each and everyone leaves a smile on my face.

  4. I frequently visit that post to regain a sense of focus and inspiration. I feel relaxed these days; but more surprised to realize I haven't said a thing about what I did for Christmas. I have done quite a bit. Perhaps I should settle my head faster and get some drafts going. This post is particularly good for me to read because of how it makes me feel!


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