A Dying Breed?

I’ve noticed more than a couple of posts recently from “dad blogs” that I frequent (on an semi-infrequent basis) that have decided to call it quits. They cite several reasons for the demise (many which I myself have struggled with from time to time, and a few that I have not).

My observations is that there seems to be an informal threshold of somewhere in the four to six year lifespan on blogging. This frightens me a little bit. I am well through my fifth year, and quickly approaching my sixth year – and the quantity (and maybe even quality) of content on FOF is also waning.

I’d be lying if I were to tell you that I have not contemplated the idea a couple of times. I mean, after six years – how much more is there to talk about? When I do have a little moment of inspiration to write about something – the first thing that often pops up in my mind is… “Wait, didn’t you already write about that?” (And frequently, the answer is yes.)

I certainly cannot deny that my involvement, commitment, and interaction with FOF has changed over the years. I have gone from a almost 200 post per year rate down to (so far this year) only 51 posts. Many things contribute to this - my available time, my available energy, my available creativity. Yet, here I am – once again investing a little more of that precious time, energy, and creativity to share my thoughts with someone(?), anyone(?), no one(?) here on “The Life of a Father of Five”.

It also has to be said… Facebook has drastically changed (not only) the blogging community, but truthfully all social media and (I think one could argue) the internet as a whole.

I don’t vilify or regret my involvement with FB. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I have had wonderful experiences connecting with old friends, as well as enhancing new friendships (many which started through blogging) on FB. FB offers a different level of interaction and connection with people that blogging does not offer. Yet, let’s not forget the inverse sentiment. A blog offers something different (more) than FB offers.

I have found myself (like many others have) asking “why”. Why maintain this blog? I have numerous partial (unfinished) posts, numerous planned posts, and even more “missed opportunity” posts occupying space in my brain. It gets a bit overwhelming at times. So far I have been very careful (and to a certain point, succusful) in drawing a line in the sand, and have kept FOF an enjoyable outlet vs just another task to add to my already busy and hectic schedule. Maybe that is what keeps it working for me.

Here is what I know to be true. FOF is MY little slice of the internet. I control the content. I control the interaction. I control the privacy. I control the layout. The Life of a Father of Five is what I WANT IT TO BE, and that is what is important to me. If I choose to post once a day, or once a week, or once a month, or once a year, it does not matter. If I get a thousand hits a day or only one, it does not matter. If anyone actually reads my content or not, it doesn’t matter (goodness knows I am not winning any literary awards for my meaningless drivel) – and I am satisfied with it that way!

Life has a way of changing and so it would go without saying that FOF has and will continue to ebb and flow much in the same way. Even though I may not be present here as often as I may have in the past – I have no intentions of calling it quits. The feelings I have expressed, the experiences I have shared, the things I have learned, the friends I have made are and will continue to be an important part of who I am.

And as far as those that may still be here with me on this journey (and God willing, enjoying the ride), I thank you. Thank you for allowing me to express my feelings, share my experiences, and learn a little bit together. You all have become some of the best friends around – real or virtual. You all are the frosting on the cake of “The Life of a Father of Five”.


  1. I love your blog, even if I am not as vigilant about reading blogs as I used to be. I keep going with mine because, like you said, it's a fun little outlet of creativity.

    I vote you keep it up, but that's just me. :)

  2. Please don't go.....

  3. I can't imagine 200 posts per year! 50-ish is a respectable once a week average.

    I'm just over the 3 year mark, so I hope I don't fizzle in the 4-6 year range.

    I was worried when I first started reading this post... thought maybe you were shutting it down. Glad to hear FoF continues.

    As you said, it's your page. If you have an idea for a post, and you've written about it in the past... write it anyway! It must be an important subject to you, and your perspective is probably somewhat different today than it was then. Writing the same topic doesn't mean you'll duplicate your post.

    If ya keep bloggin', I'll keep readin'!

  4. Worry not folks - not goin' anywhere. This was just my way of acknowledging that "blogging" in general is changing - but I have no plans for quittin'.

    Thanks all of you!

  5. Excellent post, I think we all struggle with a lot of the issues you listed. It's good to get some inspiration on how to handle those issues from a seasoned vet such as yourself!

  6. Blogging is a great way to spread your message one drip at a time. I hear that it helps to always have a notebook around and whenever inspiration hits you can write down your idea.

    I've only been blogging for a couple of years, and need to be more regular about it. I can find excuses to not write, but its much more rewarding to continue. Plus I miss it whenever I have a prolonged absence.


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