Halloween 2009

Between being very busy, not feeling well, insomnia, chromic fatigue, and a car that is starting to act up, fall clean up, and now Halloween (and subsequent celebrations) - the FOF blog has gotten pretty neglected as of late.

So in place of a REAL post, I am going to throw some photos at you of our Halloween festivities. 

#5 of 5 in the yellow ciricle

This is a photo of the Halloween program #5 of 5's class held.. 

#5 of 5 is circled in yellow...

As a "Service Project" the kindergarten class road tripped it to our local nursing home, and put on a sing-song-show for the residents of the Schule Haus Retirement Center.


Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!Copious amounts of cupcakes!Just a few of the snacks set up for the kids "Night Before Halloween Party" with their friends.

A "Sam's Club" sized box of Halloween decorated cupcakes.

Believe it or not, we even had leftovers the next day (that we sent home with #1 of 5)


Rat-a-tat-cat - nice and quiet!Wii-fest - LOUD! 

#4 of 5
and her friend playing a game of "Rat-a-tat-cat", and the "Wii Station"
Upstairs, the girls were calm and quiet... like little ladies - while the boys downstairs, were loud and obnoxious!


#4 of 5 helped FOF set up the pumpkins!Rabbit Ears! 

Time to set up the pumpkins!

If you look closely in the second photo, you can see some "rabbit ears" that our pumpkins seemed to sprout.


Kitten Close upKitten #1Color Camaflauge Clown#1 and #2 stayed at home, tending the fire while #3 dressed up as a ghoul (no photos) and went out wit a friend. 

#4 was a colorfully camouflaged clown and #5 of 5 was dressed as a kitty!


#5 of 5 on the right!#4 of 5 with the rainbow cat in the hat hat 

#5 of 5 with a group of her friends (they were two kitty's and a leopard)

#4 of 5 with a group of her friends.... (#4 is the one with the colorful hat)


Before and after shots of the gathering area in our driveway.

This year, we were one of the only families with a fire bowl set up...  And we had several sets of parents stop by to "warm up".


  1. Mannnn, I wish we lived in a neighborhood where we could trick or treat! I have a nice house but a spotty neighborhood. Pockets of good and bad. :P

    Great pics!

  2. Looks like the only thing missing was the bar, mounted on a classic truck.

  3. I wished I would've stopped by. Cute costumes and pumpkins.

  4. Man, Halloween seems like a handful at your house. Looks like fun though.


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