The Christmas Events Keep on Rolling In.

As I stated in the last post (And So Starts the Christmas Season), Christmas is usually TABOO for me until after Thanksgiving.  I blogged about making an exception for Disney's A Christmas Carol in that last post.  What I forgot to factor in was our concert plans the very next week... (Last Night). 

So I stand corrected... AGAIN.

Last night, I attended my first "Arena" style concert since 1992.  In 1992 I saw "The Cure" during their "Disintegration" Tour.  It was held at the Target Center in Minneapolis.  Last night, I made my triumphant return to "Arena Concerts" at (of all places) the Target Center in Minneapolis! 

The Mother of Five and I saw this year's "Trans-Siberian Orchestra"  Christmas show! 

Who is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra you ask?  Let me show you!

TSO takes classical music (including some classic Christmas music) and uses "artistic license" to create a Rock and Roll sound to the original.  You can usually pick up on the original in the background, but what TSO does to that original piece is nothing short of AMAZING!

First of all, I want to thank my Cousin Bob, who helped me find tickets to this show.  By the time I heard about it, it was almost all but sold out, and I was having a hard time finding tickets.  Bob (being as connected as he is in the music industry) lead me in the right direction for some AWESOME seats!! 

Bob, you ROCK!

We started our day off by a trip to the Mall of AmericaWe The Mother of Five had some returns to take care of (I HATE returning items... but that is a story for another time) so we took care of our returns, then burned up the better part of three hours shopping.  We wrapped up our Mall excursion with a a delightful dinner at Tony Roma's.  I had a delightful Grilled Asian Chicken Salad, while the Mother of Five enjoyed a Grilled Chicken Sonoma Salad.  After dinner we took the Light Rail from the Mall to the Target Center in Downtown Minneapolis.

Once we arrived we found our seats.  We were surprised to see that our seats were front row, and dead center of the second section back on the main floor.  We were 20 rows back from the center of the main stage, and we had an isle in front of us to stretch our legs out.  At least for a "tall and fat" guy like me, that is nothing less than PERFECT

All we could say when we saw the seats was WOW!

I do not remember the Target center being so small.  I had main floor seating for "The Cure" as well, but it seemed (as my memory serves me) that we were so much further back...

The concert itself was AMAZING!  It certainly was not as loud as I remember concerts being (which means I am loosing my hearing, or they were not as loud)...  That was until they played an encore that was a sample from their upcoming "Night Castle" tour set list.  They turned the volume up.... WAY UP... for these songs... and it was AMAZING

What TSO does with classical music, and traditional Christmas songs is something to be seen!  The CD's are great, but seeing it preformed live, with fire - and laser displays, and smoke, and sparks, and falling snow, and....  Well - it is (for me) a forgotten way to enjoy music.  Live, loud, and preformed!

Please forgive the quality of these photos.  They were taken with my 1.3mp camera phone, and in the dark - so the quality is less than stellar...

a11-14-09_1939 a11-14-09_1942

a11-14-09_2230 a11-14-09_2231

a11-14-09_2235 a11-14-09_2256



  1. They probably are great live. Especially with such good seats. I trust you didn't have people standing in front of you for the entire show.
    And it's not too early for Christmas. I've already spent two weekends getting lights on the house.

  2. Sounds like you have now gotten completely entrenched in the Christmas season. Sounds like a great day though.

  3. You know who else really likes TSO? Rush Limbaugh. I know...I know...just another reason to really like the guy.


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