A Successful Hunt

Being in the middle of a sixty-eight hour workweek has kept me pretty busy.  My "on-line" presence has been pretty close to non-existent...   

I promised a post on our Duck Hunting trip - it's 75% complete, and will (I repeat WILL) reach 100%.  I refuse to let this year's post fall into the "... as evening approached..." category.

What is the "...as evening approached..." category you ask?
Example 1, Example 2, Example 3.

But, this Successful Hunt is not about ducks.  No. 
It is also NOT about mice - but that is a different post (follow link). 

This post IS about my cousins from Maine. 
(For a brief history on my cousins from Maine, check out THIS link, and THIS link.)

Anyway, back in June, while checking my email inbox, I discovered an email from my cousin Cindy.  She was sharing some VERY exciting news.  

After thirty years of applying, her husband Paul  was selected in Maine's annual Moose Hunt Licence Lottery.  He was in the lucky 5% (3,000 out of 56,000 applicants) to be issued a license.

Then, on September 28th, I received another email from Cindy. 

September 28th is opening day of the Maine Moose Hunt.

She sent me an email titled "WE GOT THE BIG MOOSE"
(and yes, it was in all caps - showing her obvious enthusiasm!)

Paul and the Moose

I received some preliminary info - that the Bull Moose weighed 635 lbs, and that it had a ten-point rack. 

Paul fell the moose with one shot from a Winchester .270 (an obviously GREAT shot!) and they felt (and I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER) that they received some "luck from above" from their dad (my uncle Dan) who passed away 19 years ago THAT VERY DAY

They had placed a photo of my uncle in their truck so "he could come hunting with us".

Just reading that email again brings tears to my eyes.  (Yes, I am crying right now.) 

I am so lucky, to have WONDERFUL Aunts and Uncles in my life...  ALL OF THEM! 
Dan, Greg & Marilyn, Vince & Theresa, Ron & Marty.  They have all been positive influences in my life.

It is just so sad to me that our family lost my Uncle Dan way too early...  I so much would have loved to know my Uncle Dan better than I did.  I have few, but fond memories of the times we did get to spend together. 

Like my Mémère, and Pépère (grandparents) - my Uncle Dan is one person I would do just about anything to be able to be able to spend some time with, now, as a grown man.  Even just one day.   

Jan, Cindy & Paul, and Dean - Please know that even though I did not get to know him as much as I would like to, your dad is STILL a strong presence in my heart, and is often on my mind...   

FOF and Uncle Dan        FOF, Uncle Dan, and Uncle Greg

Paul and the MooseBack to the story...

Just a couple of days ago, I received a package in the mail.  (Hmmm, that's funny - I did not order anything - I thought to myself) - then I noticed the return address...  Maine!!

The package was "video tape" shaped, and I was opening the package as I scrambled back to the house.  Inside I found (not only) a video, but a letter from Cindy, and a slew of photos from the hunt too!


I sat down with most of the kids, and the Mother of Five, and we went through the photos, and watched the video.  It was AMAZING

I have processed a couple of deer in my life (including my own 10-point buck) but just watching them work with the MASSIVE moose was amazing!!  (Not to mention how much I really enjoy listening to their French/Canadian accents!!)

We found out that the moose was 635 lbs (field dressed) had a 29.5 inch spread on the rack, and that they ended up with 400 lbs of meat!  We were so excited for them!!

I want to take a minute to truly thank Cindy and Paul for including me so much in their successful hunt...  Even though it's only through email and snail-mail, it feels so good to be connected across the "way too many" miles. 

I truly look forward to the day that I can come visit them...  My cousin Bob has been up there, and OFTEN talks about the great times he has had there!

 Paul and the Moose

Congratulations Paul!!  
Congratulations on a truly Successful Hunt!


  1. I wonder what Moose tastes like?

  2. WeaselMomma.. I too have never had moose, but I am pretty sure that it DOES NOT taste like chicken!

  3. 400lbs of meat! I'd have to buy a new deep freeze. Holy crap!

    And one shot too. Sweet!


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