This is going to be fun!

This weekend, one of our long-time family friends will be married.
My sister and her husband ("Texans" as we refer to them up here) will be attending the wedding.  Now, I know Texas get "cold" and they have "snow" (from time to time), but (as a true - born and bred Minnesotan) I have been tickled pink to have been (and will continue to be) delivering winter weather updates to them!
I just sent them the most recent forecast, and after reading back my "taunting" e-mails, I thought maybe some of the other Dad's that regularly stop by FOF (from the more "southern" climates) may too enjoy these.
So, for my sister and her husband, and for the sheer enjoyment of a few of my "further south" visitors - I'd like to share with you a couple of e-mails I sent my sister, and a few other "details" I was advised about, and then remembered! 
To:D, A
From: The Father of Five
Subject:  Welcome to Minnesota!
Hey D and A...
Be prepared!  The weather forecast was just announced for Saturday - and the temps will be about -10 with wind chills in the -25 to -35 range!!! 
Um... That's twenty-five to thirty-five BELOW zero!
Then - I was told a few more of the details regarding the weather this weekend from a "weatherbug" co-worker...  (the same one that pens my "Missives")
To:D, A
From: The Father of Five
Subject:  Oh yeah, I forgot to add!
The HIGH temp on Saturday will be a SULTRY +4.  Yup.. That's four whole degrees above zero! 
Don't "spend" all of those four degrees in one place!
Welcome to Minnesota!  (Bwa-ha-ha-h-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah (evil laugh)
Hey A... you up for a little ice fishin'?  Better start growin' that big burly "Grizzly Adams" beard!
So... Some of the "details" I left out.. 
At 0700 hours (7am) - the ambient temp is expected to be -13.
At 1300 hours (1pm) - the ambient temp is expected to be -2.
(and, the frosting on the cake)
Our #2 of 5 is going on an OUTDOOR WINTER CAMPING ADVENTURE with the Boy Scouts!!! 
Yup!  Camping - Outdoors - No cabins - Tents - Winter Survival - Woo Hoo!! 
I think this would be PERFECT bonding time for Uncle A and his nephew!  Come on Uncle A.. What'cha say... If #2 can do it... you should be able to also.  Consider it a challenge from me to you!  Come on... Skip the Casino, and gamble with your fingers and toes!!!
For the record... I'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to this weather!  I LOVE Minnesota!!!
On a side note - I am also looking forward to some weather reports from my friend Ed, and from Eric too! 
If you think we got it bad....  They are WAY up there!
Eric, you can consider yourself "tagged" with a request for a couple of good winter weather reports!  Will you be skiing this weekend??? 


  1. Oh, did I tell you that the kids are going to play at the park today with no jackets? After that, we are going fishing...ahem...not ice fishing that is! :) :) :)


  2. HA HA! We got about a half inch of snow down here just north of Atlanta last night and most of the northern GA schools are closed today!

    Course...I guess I'd rather than than a bunch of crazy folk on the road while I'm taking my kids to daycare (hey, a guy's still gotta work)! We southerners are woefully ignorant regarding the snow, but we make up for it in enthusiasm!


  3. If you really like this weather, you can have ours. I'm ready for spring already. Not good for living in Mn.
    Have fun at the wedding.

  4. I need to go buy some long underware for work this weekend! I love Minnesota, but you just got to learn to dress for the worst!


  5. As you know, I too have a "Texan" friend who happens to be a transplant. For someone who was born and raised here, she sure complains A LOT when it gets down into the 40's at night. I just laugh and laugh....

  6. That sounds pretty cold! Especially since it's summer here! Enjoy the wedding

  7. Just checking today. It's still cold.
    And I've tagged you for a meme. Hopefully, the wedding wasn't too much fun.

  8. Wish we got real weather here in the UK. We always end up with 'something or nothing'. If it rains it's just dripy drizzle or boring up and down rain mostly. No dramatic downpours like you get in Florida in June.
    If it snows, its just enough to make you realise how dirty everything is, and annoy the old people wanting to go out shoping, then it disappears. The sun isn't much better, it's not scorching the skin off hot, more "well I'm up here but can't be bothered today" sun. Not hot enough to have shorts and flip flops, but too warm for a cardigan.
    Now you guys over in the US - You get everything and supersized!

    Still the UK does have it's good things too so I shouldn't complain.


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