Pinewood Derby 2008

This year represents the last foray into the Pinewood Derby for our family. #3 is our last Cub Scout, and will be crossing over into Boy Scouts later this year. The Pinewood Derby has been a pretty fun part of our family life for quite a few years now - and as of tonight - that era is over.

Well, as predicted, we did not come home with any trophies. The trophies are given out for speed. This year #3's car came home with two awards for design! He won 2nd place for "Most Unique", and won 1st place for "Best Scouting Theme"! (It's a brown canoe, with paddles on the top, and painted brown!

In overall speed placement, #3 did not do to bad. They (the Scout Masters) scrolled the scores and placement on an overhead projector - but it was moving a bit to fast to really get a read. I know he fell between #8 and #13 overall... (I know because #8 was "R - - -", our neighbor and #2 & #3's closest friend....) And I saw the number #13 below #3's ranking... I would say either #11 or #12 in overall placement.

I dont know... It's nice to win the speed races, but (in my opinion) the creativity awards win bigger in my book... Take "The Final Lap" for example... How many other casket (or coffin) pinewood derby cars (lined with genuine satin and a mini satin pillow) have you ever seen? (That'd would be the car I entered last year, my "grand finally" so to say (pun intended).

Read more about it HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Another "Scouting moment" that occured tonight was #2's "Court of Honor" - which we were unable to attend because of the Pinewood Derby. Today #2 moved to "2nd Class Scout". He is really moving up the ranks in Boy Scouts!


  1. Those are great ideas. I'm embarrassed at my own derby effort when I was a kid. All I did was paint it green.

  2. Congrats to #2!! I was never in boy scouts, but I think it is a great thing to be a part of!

    We also looked at HOM before the brother in law found the couch we ended up getting!

  3. I have told two scout dads in the neighborhood about these cool rides you guys have made.

    Awesome job all around.


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