Is it AUGUST already?

To say that my motivation for blogging has been "compromised" (?) over the past few years is truly an understatement.   I look back on the stats, and going from a high of 183 in one single year, to having posted – um, let's see here…   Well, ZERO posts from January through August in 2019 means I was well on my way to a zero posting year.

Some of the "gimmies" that I obviously missed include the very simple and very easy "Blogiversary" back in April.  (This would have been is my thirteenth year of keeping "The Life of a Father of Five" alive – even if it is on life support and seemingly taking its last few breaths) through the very important and potentially photo intensive post documenting #4 of 5's high school graduation of (especially since I have previously documented #1 of 5's, #2 of 5's, and #3 of 5's).  Actually, one of the things that is prompting me to write THIS post is our preparation for dropping #4 of 5 off at her new college campus as she begins the next chapter in her life.  I even missed the opportunity to post about my 26th wedding anniversary with The Mother of Five.  We took a short trip along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

So clearly there were some pretty memorable opportunities to further document my "life of chaos" as a father of five that got neglected.  What can I say?

Family life –
Work – (Yes, that one gets a double check.  Some of you know why.)
Facebook and other social media outlets –
Stress (see work and family life above) –
Long neglected home improvement projects that take time –
Much of what I would blog about has already been covered (ad nauseam) –
A different blogging outlet (which is also admittedly neglected) –

The list above is far from being what I consider a comprehensive list of my "excuses".  I also acknowledge that (yet again) I am making a blog post about not making blog posts.  I promise, I am really not trying to make any excuses...   Oh, who I am kidding (not myself, and CERTAINLY not you – my few but loyal readers) – this really is one lengthy excuse.  I need to stop making them, and get back to this "hobby" that I do (or, at least once) enjoyed.  Hey, I got enough material to start playing "catch up" a little bit – so I DON'T have "Lack of material" to put one of those "check marks" () behind. 

I do also know (or have been told) that I have a bit of a "fan base" among #4 of 5's friends.  It's kind of funny actually – From time to time I hear "Hey there Father of Five!" shouted out at me as I am out and about  – the park, the county fairgrounds, the grocery store, and even from cars driving down my street. 

Well, friends of #4 of 5 (and FOF fans) – stay tuned!  I have a couple of posts in the queue just for you guys!    


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