Facebook killed the Blogger Star?

Just like how The Buggles proclaimed back in 1978 how “Video Killed the Radio Star” many (most?  all?) of the blogs I once followed with frequent (and enjoyable) content (and this includes The Life of a Father of Five) have fallen prey to the wildly popular and quite addictive call of the Facebook Siren.  Yup.  Facebook Killed the Blogger Star. 

siren3“Facebook Siren” - Dangerous creatures from Greek’ish Mythology who lured unsuspecting bloggers in with their enchanting content, quick and easy posting, and immediate feedback (with notifications) to shipwreck on the rocky coast of the internet.  Not a loud acoustic alarm used to alert people to emergencies (although I think a compelling argument could be made for the need of the latter).

I joined Facebook to keep up with friends and family.  I wanted to know about what they are up to.  What their kids / grandkids are up to.  I wanted to see what ever became of some of my old friends.  I wanted to interact (even if it is just a quick “like” or a short “good job”).  I wanted to connect and to reconnect.  Facebook allows me to keep up with, and even interact with folks I would not have normally been able to do so.  The connections I have made and have re-established through Facebook ARE important to me.  Yet, lately with the volatility of everything going on around the world, and the polarity that society has moved towards (racially, politically, religiously, fundamentally) – people have found the need to share their racial, political, religious and fundamental values (while (arguably) refusing to even acknowledge anyone else’s racial, political, religious and fundamental values) on Facebook.  So much so that I often hear (and can see) just how toxic Facebook has become. 

It saddens me.  When people mention to me how they can’t stand being on Facebook any more, and ask me how I can tolerate it – my answer(s) are pretty simple.  I only share things that I would like to know about from others.  I only engage in things that I would share.  And if I see something posted that I strongly agree or disagree with (or my opinion falls anywhere in-between) racially, politically, religiously, or fundamentally I scroll past it.  I seek out and find the next update of what your kid accomplished, or who’s become a new parent / grandparent, who is going through a rough time, or who adopted a new “fur friend”. 

A congratulatory “like”, a complement, a kind word, or a supportive sentiment is what I like to get, and like to give.   

I have STRIVED to make Facebook a POSTIVE thing in my life – and ya know what?  It has worked for me for the most part.  Oh, sure – it can be “addictive” and sucks up a lot of time.  It has also been the cause (and effect) of my lack of blogging (which I enjoy). 

Screenshot_2017-07-01-07-20-40I suppose an argument could be made that by ignoring all things racial, political, religious, and fundamental that I am burying my head in the sand.  I have also been personally accused of supporting “one side” of the spectrum by not supporting the “other side” (and that comes from both sides of whatever the argument de’jour happens to be).  Maybe my critics are right.  I don’t know.  If they are, ignorance is bliss, and bliss keeps me pretty happy.  It has worked for me so far – so I am sticking with it.  Go ahead and think less of me. 

What inspired me to BLOG today was one of those “Facebook” memes.  The one where you log in to a website, and the site scours your FB posts, and comes up with an infographic of the words you use most on Facebook.  Normally, these are also status updates I scroll past – but this morning I succumbed to my personal curiosity and requested one be created for me. 

THIS was the result.

I started to post about it on FB, when all of a sudden it occured to me that this would make a really nice post here on The Life of a Father of Five! 

With a few minor exceptions, virtually everything in the infographic is positive – and relates to family, friends, hometowns, kids activities, and things that bring joy into my life.

THIS is still why I still enjoy Facebook. 

THIS is why I don’t care that there are folks who accuse me of being ignorant, oblivious, or accuse me of being “part of the problem” for not engaging in all the negativity.

It feels pretty good!



  1. LOVE this!

    I feel like I fall into that "used to blog" category. I haven't had the time/motivation/content to keep it perking along lately. It bothers me, but it's reality.

    I love facebook. I loathe facebook.

    There is WAY too much of what I DON'T want and it makes it too hard to get to what I do want. AND... what I DO want is much the same as you... REAL news... like kids accomplishments, family additions, family trips and outings, cute/ornery kid antics, etc. That is the stuff I care about and, like you, ignorance is bliss on much of the other stuff. I have gotten fairly good at thumbing through my facebook app and letting much of the newsfeed content slide by and grasping those nuggets here and there. It sounds like our approach to facebook is VERY similar. And, it is friends like you that will keep me on facebook. Keep sharing as you do!

    And, positive... that is HARD sometimes. I, too, try to keep my facebook presence positive, though (as you know) there are negatives I'd LOVE to expose.

    I think blogs like ours are hard to keep going long term. It gets harder and harder to pull out interesting content after many years. But, I don't plan to stop blogging, and I hope you don't either. I think even without facebook, blogs like ours would taper off a bit. But, facebook DOES have some negative effects on blogging. The quick post and instant feedback is very alluring.

    Once in a while, a fairly simple thought turns into a good blog post, though. Maybe it is because FoF readers have been STARVED for a post, but I enjoyed this one. A good reminder to keep facebook positive. A validation for those of us how have a bit of "head-in-the-sand" mentality. And, a reminder to keep at the blogging.

    Keep blogging, you Blogger Star!

  2. I still read your blog, dad blogs are my favorite. I do not use FB anymore, I just blog for the world.

    Keep writing--we're reading!


    1. Thanks Pennies!

      Maybe I'm just imagining it - but there seems to be (and I am hopeful for) a slow (and maybe growing) resurgence around blogging?!?!



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