I am now into my ninth year of The Life of a Father of Five.      NINTH!
(I missed the actual date by a month... Once again.)

I am just about as surprised by the longevity of this thing as I was when I discovered I was going to be a father for the FIFTH time!

This year, I will reward my long time (and maybe even any new) readers with a few stats to wrap around your heads!
  • Including this post, there are a total of 755 published posts (and 38 completed, but unpublished posts) that make up this blog over the past nine years.
  • That’s a total of 792 (published and unpublished) posts in 9 years, or 108 months, or 474 weeks, or 3317 days, or 79,608 hours, or 4,776,480 minutes, or 286,588,800 seconds.
  • On average, that's just over 88 posts per year, 7 posts each month, 1.5 posts each week, one post every 4-5 days, one post every 100 hours, one post 6,031 minutes, or one post every 361,854 seconds.
Depending on who you ask (various site metering sources), here are a few more stats.
  • According to Blogger this blog has received a total of 200,843 pageviews. As of the time I am writing this, it had received 3,023 pageviews last month, 51 pageviews yesterday, and 26 so far today (and it is eary!)
  • According to Sitemeter this blog has received a total of 97,079 pageviews since I started tracking with them. That is an average of 17 per day, 116 so far this week, 7 so far today, and 6 of that 7 within the last hour.
  • According to Statcounter this blog has received a total of 80,000 pageviews since I started tracking with them. That is an average of 8,889 per year, 867 per month, 198 per week, and 25 per day.
When I started the blog I did not keep stats. It was not until several months into my experience that I discovered Sitemeter – so that would explain SOME of the difference between the Sitemeter numbers and that Blogger numbers. Statcounter came almost a year after Sitemeter, so again the difference between the numbers are related to the delay in implementation. The Blogger stats are the highest, but since The Life of a Father of Five is hosted by Blogger, they are likely the most accurate stats.

Next year is the biggie… Ten. A decade! I don’t know what I will do to mark the passing of a decade of blogging, but I feel as I should do SOMETHING!

Any ideas?? Leave them as a comment!

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  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary. Wish I had a good suggestion for how to celebrate ten but I don't. Well, that is not entirely true. For my tenth I had planned on hosting some giant giveaway but it never happened so...


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