I Lost an Old Friend Today

For much of my life, I have owned (and displayed) an interesting piece of “furniture”.  The piece in question?  An antique Glenwood Inglewood water carboy that I received as a gift sometime in my “tween” years.  It is a thick, heavy glass container that was originally used atop an old Glenwood Inglewood water cooler.

IMG_2336For most of my life, it has sat in a corner collecting pennies.  It has followed me through various moves, sometimes boxed up (I still have the original box) and sometimes displayed. 

A few years ago, I put it in #3 of 5’s bedroom as an added bit of decoration. 

With some impending changes in the world of bedrooms around the ol’ compound – I took it out and set it in the corner next to my computer desk.  It has been there for a couple of weeks.

Today, while doing some home remolding, I happened to drop a small object near the bottle.  I even thought to myself “I better be careful, I might bump that bottle” – but because of the thickness of the glass, and the unlikelihood of hitting it, I was less cautious that I should have been.

I heard a crack.  It was more than just a crack – it was more of a crack, splinter, and then the sound of pouring pennies.

Yup.  I broke my 5 gallon glass carboy.  I am slightly disappointed, but I have no one to blame but myself.

(For the record - It would have been so much better if I could have blamed one of the kids, and then ranted and raved like a lunatic – droning on about responsibility, careful behavior, and respecting other people’s items.)    

So, for the time being – my corner will sit empty.  Void of the coppery disks (in various stages of tarnish) glistening behind the green tinted glass of my Glenwood Inglewood bottle.


  1. How sad to lose something that has been part of your life for so long. Condolences!

  2. :( :( :( I remember this so much. Wasn't it from Uncle Vince? I used to have a huge coke bottle that was used for the same purpose...maybe it is somewhere in the crawl space that could be used temporarily??? So sorry!!!!


  3. But surely now you get to spend all the cash right?


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