Band Concert and a Minor Rant

#4 of 5 started out her sixth grade expressing an interest in playing in the school band.  She told us (originally) that she wanted to play saxophone,  but  I was trying to push her towards the flute.  She agreed to give it a try – and for the first half of the year played the flute. 


After the Christmas Concert (seen on the left), #4 of 5 came to us and expressed her desire to return back to her original interest, the saxophone. 

(Thank goodness for middle school band instrument rentals!

About a week later, I brought home the saxophone, which she has been playing now without even a look back towards the flute.



About a week ago, the Middle School hosted an “Art Extravaganza”.  They opened their doors to the public, and had on display many forms of student “art”.  Paintings, drawings, and various other creative artwork.  The highlight of the evening was the performance art portion.  The 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade bands played and the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade choirs also preformed. 

I won’t get into each and every detail – but I will say that the 6th grade band (which #4 of 5 is part of) played two pieces.  Furioso by Robert W. Smith, and Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple).  They did great – and as an added bonus – the saxophones had a unique roll in Smoke on the Water.  They had a specific part that they played exclusively.  Each saxophonist stood up to play a small part, which was followed by another saxophonist standing up and joining the previous saxophonist (so, by the end of the saxophone solo, every saxophonist was standing and playing).  What was really great was that #4 of 5  was the first saxophonist to stand up!!

I did not know this was happening, so I did not have my camera ready until they were all standing – but here you can see #4 of 5 playing front and center!       

It was a great night.  The artwork, the music, and the singing were all nothing less than spectacular (considering it was a middle school performance.)  Both of my parents, and both of The Mother of Five’s parents were also able to attend – which made the night even that much more special! 

I would like to make one “Adam Carolla like” observation and rant.

If you are attending a middle school band concert, in a filled-to-capacity house (in a gymnasium), and particularly if you are  seated on the main floor (non elevated, like the bleachers are) –  I don’t care how greasy, how long, how unkempt, or how downright nasty your hair is.  I don’t care if you are bald, have severe scars, or even prison ink upon your dome.  If you are attending a function that you even THINK that someone around you may want to see, would you PLEASE get out of your "completely unaware” trance-like state of self importance, and TAKE YOUR INDIANA JONES HAT OFF SO THE THE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU CAN SEE???

Folks, this is no joke.  This is the guy who sat in front of me.  This was the view I had of the Choir stage (which was just to my left of the main band stage).  Thankfully, #4 of 5 was on the far right side of the band stage allowing me view of her despite the giant billboard in front of me that read “I am a more important that everyone around me, and I don’t care.”


  1. David... That is a pretty poor view, even for a tall guy... but, I don't think that was Indiana Jones you were sitting behind. I believe it was Seamus McFly!

    Congrats to #4 of 5!

    1. GREAT!! Yup - I think you may be right - although I got the McFly reference - I have to admit that I needed to Google "Seamus"!!

      It was very interesting. I sat next to my father in law and he made an observation that in his day, a man took his hat off when he entered an establishment such as this. That got me thinking, and as I looked around, I noticed that more men were wearing hats than the traditional (or at least "traditional" in MY thought) thought that women were the hat wearers...

  2. This is super cool! Way to go #4 of 5! Something to keep in mind....I too started on an instrument that was not my first choice and eventually ended up learning and playing five different instruments. Hmmm....FIVE! Might be a direct connection there to something! ;)

    Oh I am think it's great her grandparents could be there too! VERY special indeed!


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