Want to know how forgetful I can be?

There is always so much chaos going on around me that my mind never rests.  A mind that never rests often forgets some of the little details and sometimes even the bigger ones too. 

I am often asking myself “Where did I put it”.  

“It” can be keys, wallet, watch, iPod, cellular phone, etc. (my spouse, children and co-workers can all attest to my forgetfulness).  Case in point – a little conversation I had with myself (in case you did not know, a mind that never rests often has conversations with itself) just yesterday. 

Oooooo… Hey FOF, it's almost August.  That means I have to remember to file my 2011 MN Property Tax refund...   Hey, wait a minute…  Did I ever get around to mailing in my 2010 MN Property Tax Refund??

(Sounds of paperwork and file folders being shuffled around)

You didn’t!!  You fool – what is wrong with you??   Do you realize you just “forgot” about claiming a refund worth several hundred dollars?? 

(Sounds of some frantic internet searching – mixed with several frustrated sighs)

Well, it’s not looking good.  How could you have possibly forgotten to claim that refund.  You realize that you just cost your family over three hundre…  Wait… What’s that??  Click that link there?? 

(Sounds of a HUGE sigh of relief)

Thankfully, Minnesota is a very weird place at times.  Our 2010 MN Property Tax refund is mailed the same year that our 2011 Income tax returns are filed (only later in the year (August).  I was relieved to discover that they also allow for a one year “grace period” before no longer accepting returns. 

That means that my 2010 Property Tax Return / Refund – which should have been mailed in by Aug. 15, 2011 is still acceptable (due to the 1 year grace period) until Aug. 15, 2012 – about three weeks out.

Talk about making it just under the wire!! 

Wait… I have a year grace period??  That means I have PLENTY of time to get that 2011 Property Tax Return turned in! 

Don’t worry, I won’t forget!


  1. Cha-ching! That's several hundred dollars times two! Don't spend it all in one place (or forget where you put it!)

  2. Soooooooooooo, how about a loan??? Hopefully you'll forget that I'm suppose to pay you back, lol


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