Today, Best Bud Ed and his family had to make the very difficult, yet ultimate selfless act of sending their beloved four legged family member Jake to a better place. 

JakeMy heart aches for the pain they are going through, while at the same time I commend them for having the courage and fortitude to make the most difficult decision to put Jake's needs before their own pain and sorrow.  It is the ultimate gift.

I am comforted in knowing that Jake is free from the pain that he had been experiencing, and is now running the eternal trails - chasing squirrels, flushing up pheasants and grouse, and eating the occasional ice cream cone.

Jake became a constant companion for my Best Bud Ed.  Wherever you saw one, there was the other.  Hiking, picnicking, hunting, camping, fishing, hanging out by the fire, heck Jake even has his own GeoCaching handle!

Jake the über Geo-Dog

I spoke briefly with Ed after work today.  I called him to see how he and his family was holding up, and to let him know I was with him in thought, and in spirit.  While speaking to him, I could perceive his heavy heart, but could also sense a feeling of relief, knowing that Jake was free from his suffering.  I don’t know if he could tell from his end of the phone, but I shed tears for him.     

Ed only spoke with me a few minutes.  He was packing his family up and heading to a specially chosen resting place for Jake.

Ed, rest well my friend.  You and your wonderful family have given Jake the best thing a dog so deserving could ever receive – thanks to you, he lived a full and amazing life and will be forever honored in our memories.     


  1. I miss my pal dearly but after talking to the Dr. about Jake's illness and the eventual scenarios that would've taken place, this was the best decision for him and his quality of life.

    As Jake was falling asleep this afternoon, I whispered in his ear that I would call out for him in 30 years.

    Thanks Dave for all your thoughts.


  2. Tell Ed we are thinking of his family too. Good Boy Jake.

  3. "As Jake was falling asleep this afternoon, I whispered in his ear that I would call out for him in 30 years."

    There you go, doing it again...

    Tears for you bud. Real ones.

  4. That was heart-breaking. But I love that Jake had a wonderful life and was loved by his family.

  5. Two legs or four, they are all our babies. My sympathies Ed.


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