Thank you Mémère

I lost my Pépère when I was twelve years old.  Afterwards I spent a lot of time with my Mémère

mpAfter Pépère passed, one thing I heard Mémère repeat over and over again was how she could not wait until I got my drivers license.  She frequently told me how she was going to “make” me come pick her up and take her to the grocery store.   

She came from a generation where women did not have drivers licenses.

One could argue that she was only looking for a driver, but it was more than that!  She enjoyed pending time with me (and I with her). 

Mémère passed away two years later - when I was only fourteen years old.  

I never got that chance. 

I believe that sometimes we do not fully understand how some things may be a blessing in disguise.

Two years after Mémère (and four years after Pépère) passed away (at the ripe ol’ age of 16) I got my drivers license. In the twenty-six years since - I have been pretty lucky.  I have had a couple of (small) accidents, and had a couple of close calls, but nothing that anyone would consider “significant”. 

I have also been able to (for the most part) maintain good driving habits as a teen (not always the easiest thing to do) and have kept my cool and have used a level head even in the most difficult and stressful driving conditions.

I have always felt as if I had a “guardian angel” looking after me while I was driving. 

Since she never got the chance to let me “drive her to the grocery store”, I have never had one single moment’s doubt that when it came to all things driving - Mémère rode with me as my guardian angel instead. 

The feeling has been so strong, that I can say this with 100% certainty.   

Last week, #2 of 5 took, and passed the Minnesota written “permit” test.  He is now the proud owner of a Minnesota “Instruction Permit”, and will soon be spending more and more time behind the wheel and on the roads.


Today I am officially thanking my “guardian angel” for her past twenty six years of dedicated service, and am asking her (through some special prayer requests) that she now take up the cause of helping me by watching over #2 of 5 (her great-grandson) with the same vigilance as I know she did with me.

He may not feel it, or understand it, but I am comforted knowing that she will be looking after him as she has done for me all these years. 

I have no doubts. 

Thank you Mémère

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  1. David,
    My #1 is starting driver's ed on Monday. Are we that old? I told my Dad the other night . . ."this is payback, right?"
    All those nights up late waiting for me to come home . . . before cellphones, texting and all that . . .



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