My Boys are in Mourning.

RROD - Red ring of deathUp to this point, our family #2 of 5 and #3 of 5 have been spared the GRIEF that many from their generation have come to experience first hand…  

They have avoided the RROD.  What is the RROD you ask?  RROD is an acronym for Red Ring Of Death (or Red Ring of Doom)

For you non-video-game types out there (who I can only assume do not have boys in the house between the ages of 2 and 120) – the RROD is Microsoft’s fault code for “General Hardware Error” within an XBOX 360.  On the front panel of the XBOX 360 is the power button (with green light lit “power” symbol) and four lights that make up a circle that either light up green (meaning all is good) or red (meaning something bad is happening).  The XBOX 360 communicates to it’s owners / operators what type of fault is happening by lighting up a different combination (and location) of the ring of lights depending on what is wrong with the unit.

If I am to believe what I have read on the net thus far, it would appear that our boy’s “best friend” just took the big “dirt nap”.

Just doing a quick cursory search of the world wide web, it seems that somewhere between 3% and 25% of the XBOX 360’s out there (depending on who’s facts you choose to believe) succumb to this “General Hardware Failure” RROD at one point or another.  The XBOX 360 is notoriously known for it’s tendency to overheat.  It was constructed with two poor heatsink straps, very poor ventilation, and lead free solder (which is brittle and can get cracks and breaks from repeated heat / cool down cycles). 

I am currently researching and weighing my options on what comes next.  I could try one of the many obscure “homebrew” repairs that can be found on the web.  I could buy a new (bwa-ha-ha-ha!!!  Yeah, right!) or a used replacement unit.  I could buy (another) refurbished unit (this one was refurbished).  I could send this unit back to Microsoft for an “official” repair, or find a “unofficial” repair specialist who can (or at least claim they can) bring the boy’s best friend the XBOX 360 back from the great beyond.

Anyone have any experience or suggestions with regard to the above listed options??

Until such time that the XBOX has been raised from the dead, I am hoping my boys will reacquaint themselves with a few items from their past… Something like reading books, cleaning their room, chores, or even visiting with their parents!


  1. My son urges me to make sure that when you check on-line to see what the problem is you account for your unit being on it's side.

    Encourage your sons to try out Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge Systems. (BOOKS) They can be quite amazing and even entertaining.

  2. Hee, hee, Barbara. Good one.

    I have no useful information for you, FOF, but I sympathize. Sort of. I never play, so I don't miss these things, but our Wii went wacky a while ago and no amount of coaxing has brought it back. Oddly, I kind of wonder if they were built to be semi-disposable, or is that just a paranoid conspiracy theory? The PS3 has been just fine, though.

  3. David,
    You now have an "Official" Microsuck target. I would start at 25 yards with OO buck to check the pattern, then move out in 10 yard increments . . .
    Our Halo 3 lived for three short years. The 15 year-old managed to score a super deal on an XBox 360 Elite with a 120 GB drive which has been going for a year now (fingers crossed).
    Maybe Bill Gates (or whoever the boss is now) will need a pacemaker, then, just before "lights out" and surgery, the Doctor could casually mention " . . . pacemaker failure? . . oh, the failure rate isn't THAT bad . . . about the same as the XBox 360 . . . "

  4. Please send my deepest condolences to your boys!!! Tell them to just come to the Sony family and the RROD will plague them no more!!!

    Well actually, Sony has the YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death) and I was struck with it a few years back. My system was out of commision for a whopping 6 days until I just broke down and got a new one. This was a very traumatic experience for me (as a grown man). I don't think I would have been able to survive had I still been in my teens.

    Tell your boys to stay strong, greener pastures lay ahead!!!!


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