I Have Struck it Rich!

The couch that we have in our basement is what I would call “utilitarian quality” – as in, it was built to look nice on a show room floor and for the first couple of months in your house, but the focus in it’s construction was more about  “price point” and aesthetic quality, and less about craftsmanship and durability.

Our basement couch has, over the years, become a “catch all” for all sorts of things.  The lower “build” quality equates to gaps in the framework that objects can slip through (gaps that higher end furniture do not have).  I knew many objects had fallen thorough the gaps in our couch, but it was not until a couple of weeks ago when I went on a cleaning rampage that I discovered just how much had passed through that void to oblivion.

It was during this cleaning rampage that I decided to move our couch and love seat from it’s spot to “detail” clean underneath it.  When I rolled the couch forward, I heard the sounds of “stuff” rolling around inside the couch.  Since I already had the couch upside down, I decided it was high time that I remove the dust cover (the black fabric covering the underside of the couch) and reclaim that what was once mine.  I was nearly shocked by what I found.

In addition to the crayons, pencils, pens, remote control, candy wrappers, unwrapped candy, partially eaten candy, hair barrettes, scrunchies, legos, and other miscellaneous toys – I found money! 


By the time I was done cleaning and vacuuming all the nooks and crannies of the underside of our couch – I walked away with a small fortune!  (At least what could be considered a small fortune for a father of five such as myself!)

Pile of "found in the couch" change   "Found in the couch change" - neatly stacked up!

Twelve quarters, nine dimes, five nickels, and eleven pennies

In all, the grand total I walked away with was $4.26.  Yup, just short of a cool five bucks!

The only thing left to do is to decide how to spend my new windfall!


  1. One Grande Mocha, extra hot - $4.08. that'll leave you just enough for a gumball for #5 :-)

  2. Wow, small fortune, indeed! Maybe it's a good day to clean MY couch!

  3. Download some new iTunes songs. That is the gift to yourself that lasts forever. Congratulations on your fortune! :)

  4. David,
    use it towards some Jagermeister, then fill up the gas tank, drive north and share it with Ed . . . oh, gas is nearly $3/gallon now. Okay, use it towards the Jag and keep it cold in the garage while you are out there "cleaning".

  5. I say you send it to me so I can put it in our "Family Vacation to Disney" change counter machine. We are trying to save change for a vaca to Orlando scheduled for May of '12. I figure I can save all my change and maybe pay for 1 tank of gas. Sad huh?

  6. ONe cheap cigar OR TWO real cheap cigars. Either way, FREE CIGAR!

  7. Now you've got me wanting to dig around in my couch cushions to see what type of gems I may be able to find. haha, please do a follow up post telling us how you decided to spend your fortune!

  8. Doesn't everybody have one of these couches. Furniture shopping is such a crap shoot.

  9. David,
    A follow-up: Now it is the beginning of March and gas prices are over $3.54/gallon. Buy the Jagermeister and forget filling the tank. Or, it may be cheaper to buy the Jag and PUT IT IN the tank. Just a thought. No, don't put it in the car, just enjoy.



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