Blowing and Drifting

We here in the great state of Minnesota were the lucky recipients of several significant snow storms throughout the month of December.  In fact, December 2010 will go down in the record books as being the snowiest December in 41 years.  The new record of 33.4 inches of snow, broke the previous record set 41 years before in December of 1969 when we had a recorded 33.2 inches of snow.

Having that much snow around poses several unique issues, including removal and drifting.

Snow Drift Snow Drift   Snow Drift Snow Drift

The snow had drifted so “eerily deep” along one of the rural roads between our town and the next town that if a vehicle had broken down and pulled over to the shoulder, it would have been engulfed, and (potentially) entombed in one of these drifts. 

I told myself I HAD to return to get a photo. 

On Christmas Day, on my way (over the river and through the woods) to my in-law’s house I knew I was going to be passing through this same area again.  Armed with our camera (intended for the typical Christmas photos) I took the opportunity to pull over, and take these shots.


  1. Wow, that's intense. I don't believe our snow drifts ever got that high in Buffalo.

  2. We never get snow here! I recently paid (and blogged about it) to see snow at our local zoo. They came with a truckload. I forgot to mention in the blog that my kids lasted about 15 minutes and then were ALL crying because they were cold.

  3. That's a lot of snow! I've seen plenty of blowing and drifting in Ohio, but don't know that I've ever seen anything like that.

  4. OK, I know your photos are real, but I just can't wrap my imagination around this image. Dude, I live in Texas AND I have a fireplace!

  5. Oh how I MISS MISS MISS MN winter. Ya I know - some would call me weird. But here in CO, where it's supposed to be a LITTLE snowy here on the front range. . . I can see all the dirt on Pikes Peak and people are eating OUTSIDE ON PATIOS during lunch. No, I'm not kidding. At least they're getting snow up in the mountains for me to go play in.

    Drive safe!


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