Pay It Forward

This will be a quick little post, but was worthy of a mention in my eyes.
Today, while I was minding my own business gassing up my vehicle at the filling station when an older fella pulled up to the pump directly behind me.  He got out of his vehicle and started walking towards me. 
As he approached me, he said "I have something for you", and proceeded to hand me a coupon for 5 cents off per gallon of gas.  He told me that he had three of them, they expire in two days, and that he would rather give them out than to throw them away.
I thanked him (twice) as he walked back to his car, and one more time as I got back into my car and drove off.
Perhaps, just maybe, there is still a little hope for the human race. 
Time for me to "pay it forward".     


  1. Love to read stories like these. Yes, I believe, there are a lot of very kind and good hearted people out in the world. Lead the way.... "pay it forward"!

    PS: lucky you for that .05 off. "Up north" .. our gas is $2.95 gal.

    Wife of Dad Stuff

  2. Dave,

    Just found a website/blog called "It Starts With Us".

    It's paying it forward on steroids. Very cool. Check it out.
    -Nate Warden

  3. David,
    The BCA latent print division keeps calling saying they have a "hit" on a latent print they picked up on some homicide victim - found thumb and index print on a Kwik Mart coupon found in rural Scott County. Wanted to speak with the "commander in charge of professional standards" I keep putting them on hold, hoping they will go away.

  4. That's awesome man. Things like that don't happen very often, but when they do, it's really great to take the time out (like you just did) to sit back and reflect on it. I'm sure you'll give someone else the same feeling very soon.

  5. Just posting about it is a great pay it forward reminder.


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