A couple of quick updates

#1 - Snow Caves -
Wow... Not much left of 'em

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#2 -
Replacement Vehicle...

Originally I found the Kia Rio intresting.
But I found another option in the
Hyundai Accent.

Compare them against each other

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#3 - Boombox

Oh, one other thing.. I bought myself a little "treat" the other day. My little MP3 CD boombox bit the dust a few months back. It was great because I would record my favorite XM Radio program - The Ron and Fez Show (Love that East Side Dave!), and burn them on CD-RW's. Then play them while I was at work... Alas... the boombox bit the dust, so I started using a MP3 CD walkman with a small FM Transmitter. But the CD-RW's starting failing (you can only use them so many times) and the batteries I went thru seemed pretty wasteful.

I started researching other options, and found the Coby CD-475. It did all that the last boombox did, but this one has a USB port on the front! I only need to upload my radio shows (173mb woth) on to a thumb drive, and then I can play them right thru the Boombox! I cant wait!!!

I have a very busy week comming up, and more overtime than I have seen in a very long time. You may not here much from me in the next week or so - wish me luck!

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