The Crawl Space

I have had a pretty busy weekend.

For the first time in almost a month, my days off were not taken up with plans. Thanksgiving was great, and thanksgiving dinner was one of the best I have had in a long time. Michele did a great job!
Since Thanksgiving, we got out all the Christmas decorations. Our decorations are stored in the "crawl space" under the steps of the house. It's a small storage area with less than half the height of the rest of the room.

The first several years we lived in the house, I would crawl in, and wear out the knees of my pants, as I was crawling directly on the cement floor. Most cement floors are abrasive, and because of that, I would pretty much ruin what ever pants I was wearing. After we finished the basement, I had carpet remnants left over, and laid them out in patchwork on the floor to kneel on. That worked ok, but the remnants would move all around, and only covered a small portion of the space. As I would drag things out, the remnants would slide, bunch up, and block my ability to pull (or push) out the bigger or heaver storage containers.

This summer, one of the local Menards stores was closing, and moving down the street. As they did this, they put their merchandise on clearance to get rid of it and not have to move it. As Michele and I meandered around the store we found boxes of adhesive carpet squares. It was the perfect solution. We picked them up and decided to store them away (in the crawl space) until Christmas time when we would have 75% of the crawlspace cleared out, and installing them would be easier!

Fast forward 5 months, and I had forgotten all about the squares. As we got out the Christmas Decorations, we "found" the squares, and made plans for Saturday to get them put in. I spent a large portion of Saturday getting them put in!

Before (more like during) and After photos

I ending up being about a box short (we bought what Menards had left at the time). Also, tired of hitting a hot light bulb hanging WAY down below the ceiling line, I have decided to upgrade the lighting in the crawlspace. So Monday or Tuesday I will run to the store, pick up some more tiles, and some upgraded lighting. I will update this post when that is complete.

I also have a couple of other posts to finish up. I hope to have them finished by Wed.


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